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Requirements for an Arrest Warrant Criminal Defense

Requirements for an Arrest Warrant

3 years ago by Brian
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Many people have questions and concerns about arrest warrants and how they work. If you believe that you have a warrant or get arrested without a warrant, you should immediately contact a Woodbury, MN criminal defense attorney.

An arrest warrant that is issued against a person in the State of Minnesota calls for an individual to be apprehended and arrested right away. A Minnesota judge causes an arrest warrant to be issued against an individual in cases where the person is suspected of committing a particular criminal offense. At other times, a judge can issue an arrest warrant if the person fails to abide by a previously issued court order – such as by failing to show up for a court-ordered appearance. Finally, a court may issue an arrest warrant against someone if the person violates a term of his or her probation – or one or more terms of pretrial supervision. 

There are several requirements that must be met in order for an arrest warrant to be effective. If an arrest warrant has been issued against you, the Woodbury, MN criminal defense lawyers at JS Defense, PA., could assist you with your legal defense and ensure that your rights remain protected while your criminal case is pending. Please give us a call today to learn more about how we could assist with your criminal defense.  

Types of Criminal Arrest Warrants in Minnesota

In the State of Minnesota, there are essentially three different types of criminal arrest warrants. Those types include the following:

  1. Violation warrants – Usually where the arrested person has violated one or more terms or conditions of court-imposed probation, such as by failing to report to a designated probation officer
  2. Complaint warrants – When a person is charged by a warrant, usually for a serious criminal offense, and/or where the criminal defendant poses a significant flight risk.
  3. Bench warrants – Issued where a person fails to appear for a court hearing or where the person violates one or more pretrial release conditions after previously being released on his or her own personal recognizance

Effectiveness of an Arrest Warrant

In order for an arrest warrant to be valid and effective, there must ordinarily be probable cause (or more than a mere reasonable suspicion) for the judge to issue it. In addition, the judge must personally approve and sign off on the warrant in order for it to be effective. In cases where the arrest warrant was not issued validly, the arrestee might later be able to challenge its validity. 

Talk with a Knowledgeable Woodbury, MN Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

If an arrest warrant has been issued against you and you have been arrested, it is important that you retain qualified legal counsel to represent you in your criminal case as soon as possible. The skilled team of attorneys at JS Defense, PA., will be able to determine if the arrest warrant was validly issued and can help defend you against your charge. If it was not validly issued, your attorney might be able to challenge the arrest warrant’s validity in court. 
For a free case evaluation and legal consultation with an experienced Woodbury, MN criminal defense attorney, please call us today at (651) 968-9652 or contact us online for more information about how we can help

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