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What is 5th Degree Drug Possession in MN? Drug Crimes

What is 5th Degree Drug Possession in MN?

2 years ago by Molli Meyer
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Drug crimes in Minnesota are divided into five different degrees. Of all the degrees, the 5th degree is the least serious. A conviction could net you up to 5 years in prison and/or a fine up to $10,000.

If you are in need of a Woodbury Drug Possession Lawyer, you should rely on the professionals at JS Defense. Attorney Justin Schiks has established a solid track record when it comes to helping individuals facing drug offenses.

What is 5th Degree drug possession?

You can be charged with a 5th-degree drug possession charge for selling marijuana or a drug that is mixed with marijuana or other schedule VIII controlled substances. Not only does this apply to possession, the charge can also apply if you obtain or attempt to obtain the drugs by fraudulent means.

If it is your first drug offense, you could be charged with a gross misdemeanor under the following circumstances:

  1. You are in possession of less than .25 grams of marijuana, crack, methamphetamine, or other drugs.
  2. You are in possession of less than .5 grams of heroin or a similar drug.
  3. You are in possession of marijuana in the amount of 4.25 grams or more.

If you have been charged with 5th-degree drug possession in Minnesota, call on the professionals at JS Defense. Our experienced lawyers have extensive experience in civil rights, legal writing, and criminal defense. In addition to her long list of accolades, they have a passion for helping others.

Defense for 5th Degree drug possession charge

There are many strategies that an experienced defense attorney can employ to help mitigate a drug charge. Here is a list of possible defenses:

  1. Entrapment – This is when a police officer or some other law enforcement official tricks or induces a person into buying the drugs. An experienced defense attorney may be able to exploit this defense in a court of law.
  2. Illegal search – There are times when an individual’s Fourth Amendment or Fifth Amendment rights were violated when the search was performed unlawfully.
  3. Legal possession – There are times when some drugs may have been obtained with a prescription. If a person failed to have the prescription at the time of the arrest but presents it at a later date, charges can be dropped.

JS Defense will provide the aggressive defense needed for your drug case. Attorneys Justin Schiks and Molli Meyer will help you and your family navigate through this very difficult time. Contact us here.

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