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  • JS Defense: Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer BBB Business Review

Top RATED DWI & Criminal Defense

A Firm with a Brilliant Track Record Paired with an Unmatched Dedication to Defending You

Being charged with a serious crime is a jarring experience that can add a tremendous amount of stress to your life. Whether it’s a DWI/DUI charge or even something more serious, when you’re facing criminal charges, it feels like your life is hanging in the balance while you await the outcome.

You need an experienced and successful trial attorney on your side. At JS Defense: Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer, attorney Justin Schiks and his team understand the difficult time you and your family are going through. We are highly skilled and experienced in helping you and your loved ones navigate this tumultuous time in your life and will diligently and aggressively fight for the best possible outcome in your situation. We understand defense is not “one size fits all”, and will tailor our strategies to YOUR needs.

I have dedicated my entire career to defending good people during difficult times.

Justin Schiks, Owner

Justin has been ranked and awarded “Best Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer” in client satisfaction statewide and nationally. He holds a 10.0 Avvo rating and has been recognized as a 10 Best Attorney by the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys. He has helped thousands of Minnesotans and non-resident individuals facing DWI, Drug offenses and other criminal charges get the best possible outcome in their situation. Justin is highly knowledgeable in the ramifications a criminal charge can have on professional licensure, employment, ability to drive, and parenting time.

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Why Choose JS Defense

Defense is all we do..and we’re good at it


Good people make mistakes. Get the help you need.


  • All I can say is that Justin Schiks saved me from what was a train wreck waiting to happen. I had a different criminal attorney that gave me very bad legal advice and did a plea that I never should have done. I thought my fate was sealed, but Justin said nothing is ever in set stone. He was able to get my plea reduced; resulting in dramatically reduced my sentence.

    - Anonymus

  • I found myself in need of a criminal attorney as I was talking to Justin I was immediately put at ease and I knew I was in great hands. He is by far the most professional and personable lawyer I have ever worked with. He kept me up to date on everything that was happening in my case and helped keep my mind at ease and kept me relaxed and not stressed. If I ever find myself in need of a lawyer again...

    - Dean

  • Justin made a huge impact on my life, and gave me the second chance I needed to be successful in staying sober and living a “normal” life. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is facing criminal charges, because he’s not just in it for the money. He truly wants to make a difference in people’s lives.

    - Jenna

  • Professional, Trustworthy, Knowledgeable dependable! Where do i start with the qualities of Justin Schiks, he is in a word Professional and i would refer Justin to everyone i know.

    - Malcolm

  • 5 star service. Hands down the most professional, sincere, caring, and personally involved lawyer I have had on behalf of my life. I have had Justin represent me over the past few years covering things from traffic violations to a felony and have been pleased with the result every time. Not only that, I have recommended him to friends and family and they have nothing but nice things to say as well.

    - Samuel


Knowledge and experience when you need it most


Seasoned and Successful Twin Cities Criminal Defense and DWI TRIAL Attorneys

Aggressively Defending the Accused

From the initial phone consultation to working outside of the courtroom, our firm has built strong relationships with the prosecutors and judges that we interact with to help get the results our clients need even before stepping into a courtroom. We understand how to best prepare you for court and will walk you through every step. Practicing solely in DWI and criminal defense for over a decade, we know:

  1. Anyone can be charged with a criminal offense. We have represented doctors, lawyers, realtors, financial professionals, business executives, students and backgrounds. Most of our clients never thought they would find themselves in need of a criminal defense lawyer.
  2. A criminal charge does not have to destroy your life if it is handled correctly. Dealing with a criminal charge is never pleasant. We can help you through this challenging time while working to minimize negative consequences as much as possible.
  3. The choice of a criminal lawyer to represent you is the most important decision you will make. The experience and skill of your attorney can make a significant difference to the result of your case.

Evening the Odds

The State has virtually limitless resources and will use those resources to convict you.

As an experienced criminal defense team dedicated solely to defending our client’s rights and records, we are constantly educating ourselves on the latest case law and defense strategies along with the latest technology to best represent our clients. The combination of our access to the latest legal research and case law, investigators, technology, established experts, and the respect of prosecutors and judges state-wide, will assure you that you have hired the best team to defend YOU.

Trusted, Award Winning DWI and Criminal Defense Representation

Woodbury Criminal Defense and DWI Attorney Justin M. Schiks


An arrest and conviction can affect your job, your family and your relationships today, and for years to come. Whether you have been arrested for DWI, assault, drug possession or any other crime, you can rely on our team for an aggressive defense of your rights and freedoms. Take the first step. Contact JS Defense: Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer to get the help you need now.


A compassionate, successful approach to criminal defense

Client-Focused, Results Driven Woodbury DWI and Criminal Defense Firm

Most of the people our law firm represents are good people. Some have made bad decisions, some have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time and some are falsely accused. The key with criminal defense in all of these instances is that you need the best approach and strategy available in defending your case. No two people are the same and no two cases are the same. We take the time to learn about each one of our clients and their individual needs.

Experience Matters

When the stakes are high there is no room for mistakes. We represent our clients zealously leaving no stone unturned. Find us on the web

Know Your Rights

Tailor your case to your needs

If you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime, you will need a good criminal defense lawyer to help with your case. To qualify as a quality legal representative, an attorney should be well-versed in state and local laws. In this case, it means having a thorough understanding of Minnesota and Woodbury laws and statutes. A good criminal lawyer will take the time to listen to your side of the story. They will also approach a case based on the evidence and without making any judgments based on a defendant’s perceived character. Finally, a good attorney will allow the defendant to have control of how the case proceeds. This means that they get to decide whether to take a plea deal, testify at trial or make other important decisions. While an attorney may not agree with those decisions and will advise as such, the best ones respect whatever choices a client makes.

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After someone has been arrested, there are various procedures that follow. First, their case will be given to the proper prosecutor’s office where a decision of what charges -if any- will be filed. A prosecutor isn’t bound by the initial charge decision, they may change it later if more evidence is obtained. Please note that they also have the right to a speedy trial. In Minnesota, this means that they have to be tried within 120 days of pleading not guilty or within 60 days of demanding a trial. After that, is their arraignment. During the arraignment, the judge will read the defendant’s charges, ask the defendant if they have an attorney or needs the assistance of a court-appointed attorney, ask the defendant how they plead to the charges, decides whether to alter the bail amount or to release the defendant on their own recognizance and finally announce the dates of future proceedings in the case. They may be able to get out of jail after their arrest and before the trial by posting bail. Posting bail is the process of giving the court money to ensure that they’ll make an appearance at future dates. If they do, the court refunds the money. If they don’t, the court will keep it and be able to issue a warrant for your arrest.

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Being arrested is serious, and if the police want to speak with you after you have been arrested it is important that you understand your rights. You have certain constitutional rights that protect you when you are arrested by the police. Among these rights are: (1) the right to remain silent, and (2) the right to speak with an attorney. If you choose to give up these rights, anything you say could potentially be used against you in legal proceedings. In contrast, anything that you say to a lawyer is protected by the attorney-client privilege and cannot be discovered by law enforcement or used against you. When you are arrested, it is impossible to know what evidence law enforcement currently has or what evidence they might develop in your case. It is permissible for law enforcement to lie to you during questioning and use other interrogation methods to influence your statements. In addition, you will likely be under emotional stress due to the arrest. If you are arrested, you should assert your constitutional rights. Remain silent. Do not talk to the police. Request to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can protect you and give you the advice you need.

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After being charged with a crime you will face an arraignment, which is also known as the first appearance. This first stage of the criminal process is to ensure that your constitutional rights are met. The charges and consequences you are facing are explained in detail. This process was initially put in place for individuals with literacy issues, comprehension, and language barriers. Prosecutors are usually known to encourage most defendants to plead guilty for less jail time or in accordance with the statistics of like crimes. You must keep in mind that the prosecution works on behalf of Minnesota state and not the defendant. Guilty pleas close their cases automatically. The defendant is the one that either benefits or suffers from their plea. It is imperative that you make your plea in accordance with the charges and evidence presented against you. Obtaining legal representation may be the best way to ensure your due process. During this first appearance, a public defender will be assigned to you if you cannot afford to retain private legal services.

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A pretrial conference is a meeting that is held usually about 30 days before the trial between the plaintiff, judge, prosecutor, and defense counsel. This meeting is the perfect platform to ensure that all evidence, charges, witnesses, and motions are legitimate. On some occasions, there is sufficient evidence presented to drop the case or acquire a conviction. Plea bargaining may come into play at this point based on what is discussed. Other parties may also be invited to this preliminary meeting as well at the discretion of the judge. Deadlines are set in place for the discovery process, serving or filing motions, plea bargaining, and trial proceedings. There are times when a judge may schedule another pretrial conference before determining whether a trial is necessary. Avoiding having to go to trial may or may not be in your best interest. You want to make sure that your defense team diligently seeks ways to decrease criminal punishment or discredits the evidence brought against you altogether. The decision to go to court should be one based on facts and in accordance with Minnesota law.

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There is a common misconception that if the complaining party in a criminal case does not want to cooperate with the prosecution or does not want to continue to press charges then the case will be dismissed. In reality, once someone complains to law enforcement, they have no ability to control how the case will proceed through the criminal justice system. Ultimately, it will be up to the County Attorney or City Prosecutor to determine whether a criminal case will proceed. Some complaining parties believe they can stop a prosecution from going forward by refusing to testify. What these people do not understand is that the County Attorneys and City Prosecutors have the ability to compel witness testimony through the subpoena process. If a witness disobeys a subpoena and refuses to testify, they can face serious consequences including fines and jail time. Rather than try to manipulate the outcome of a criminal case by refusing to cooperate or trying to drop charges, one should seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney. By working within the system through an experienced attorney, you will have a greater chance of achieving your goal and having the charges dismissed.

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St. Paul

If you’re in legal trouble in St. Paul, don’t hesitate to reach out to our skilled criminal defense lawyers. Our expertise can make a world of difference in your case. Contact us today to discuss your situation, protect your rights, and explore the best strategies for your defense.



When facing legal challenges in Woodbury, our experienced criminal defense lawyers are your best ally. Contact us for guidance and protection of your rights. We will go over your case and determine the best possible outcome for your defense.



If you’re dealing with legal issues in Roseville, don’t hesitate to contact our criminal defense attorneys. Reach out today to discuss your case, safeguard your rights, and strategize the most effective defense to ensure the best possible outcome.



If you were charged with a crime in Maplewood contacting our seasoned criminal defense attorneys is the first crucial step towards protecting your rights, building a strong defense, and navigating the legal process with confidence.


White Bear Lake

Our White Bear Lake criminal defense lawyers will go over your case and discuss the best strategies for your defense. We will protect your rights.


Mendota Heights

When facing criminal charges in Mendota Heights, contacting a skilled criminal defense lawyer is crucial. Our expertise and knowledge can make all the difference. Reach out today to ensure a strong defense and protect your rights.



If you have legal issues in Oakdale, reaching out to our criminal defense lawyers is vital. Call us today to discuss your case, protect your rights, and work towards a favorable outcome for your defense.



If you are dealing with criminal charges in Stillwater, reaching out to our experienced criminal defense lawyers is essential. Our knowledge and dedication can be your greatest advantage. Contact us right away to discuss your case.



Our skilled Eagan criminal defense attorneys have the knowledge and experience to protect your rights when facing criminal charges. Reach out to us right away.


Inver Grove Heights

After being charged with a crime in Inver Grove Heights, getting in touch with our skilled criminal defense lawyers is crucial. Our expertise and commitment can significantly impact your case.


Cottage Grove

Reaching out to our Cottage Grove criminal defense attorneys is the first step toward protecting your rights. We will discuss your case and determine the best possible outcome.



If you or your loved one is dealing with a criminal charge in Edina, contacting our experienced and compassionate attorneys is your best option. Let us protect your rights.


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At JS Defense: Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer, you are not just one of the many. We pride ourselves on our availability for our clients. Our firm is regionally and nationally recognized in the legal community as delivering an aggressive defense for each and every client, no matter how serious the case. If it matters to you, it matters to us!

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