Woodbury Criminal Defense and DWI Attorney Justin M. Schiks

Defending the Accused

An arrest and conviction can affect your job, your family and your relationships today and for years to come. Whether you have been arrested for shoplifting, assault, homicide or any other crime, you can rely on me for an aggressive defense of your rights and your freedom.

After years of defending clients in criminal court, I know:

  • Anyone can be charged with a criminal offense. I have represented doctors, lawyers, business executives and individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Most of my clients never thought they would find themselves in need of a criminal defense lawyer.
  • A criminal charge does not have to destroy your life if it is handled correctly. Dealing with a criminal charge is never pleasant. I can help you through this challenging time while working to minimize negative consequences as much as possible.
  • The choice of a criminal lawyer to represent you is the most important decision you will make. The experience and skill of your attorney can make a significant difference to the result of your case.

Evening the Odds

The government will use its full power and resources to convict you. As a Woodbury Criminal Defense Lawyer, I will use my knowledge of the law and years of experience to achieve a positive result in your criminal case.

To arrange a consultation, please call 651.504.2564 or contact me by email. I look forward to hearing from you and describing how I can help.

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