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Woodbury Drug Sales Lawyer

I successfully represented a client whose friend asked him for some heroin and then died after injecting it.

Woodbury Drug Sales Lawyer

Representing Clients in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Throughout Minnesota

Penalties for drug sales in Minnesota are severe. Whether you were charged with selling a friend a small amount of marijuana or distributing large quantities of heroin, meth or cocaine, it is important to discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

I am Justin Schiks, a Woodbury Drug sales Lawyer with a reputation for achieving positive results for clients facing all types of drug sale charges, including those involving:

  1. Drug sales
  2. Possession with intent to sell
  3. Conspiracy to sell drugs
  4. Drug trafficking
  5. Drug distribution
  6. Employment of a minor to sell or distribute drugs
  7. Selling prescription medications, including those purchased online

If the government wants to take away my client’s freedom, I will make them prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Often, they simply cannot do so.


I know how to find and exploit the holes in the prosecution’s case. Sloppy police work, a lack of hard evidence and the self-interest of confidential informants are among the reasons why a prosecutor’s case may not hold up in court.

Drug Sales with No Money Involved

Many of my clients are surprised to learn that they can be charged with drug sales even though no money changed hands. If a friend asked you for any type of prescription or illegal drug, and you provided it for free, you could be charged with drug sales.

I successfully represented a client whose friend asked him for some heroin and then died after injecting it. Though the situation was tragic, the jury agreed with me that the person who asked for and injected the drug bore responsibility for his decision.

It is important to remember that criminal charges do not equal conviction. A skilled Woodbury Drug sales Lawyer can achieve a positive outcome no matter how serious the charges are. I am an experienced defense lawyer who is recognized by my peers for my ability to get results for clients. Let me make a difference for you.

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