Charged With a DWI in Maplewood? Attorney Justin Schiks Can Help.

A DWI charge is serious, even your first one. The DWI laws in Minnesota are strict and punitive. Simply put, they can prevent you from moving forward with your life. An example is the State’s ability to automatically revoke your driver’s license for a set period of time . The State can also require you to serve time in jail and be on probation for a lengthy period of time. The State can even try to take your vehicle if this is a subsequent DWI offense within a period of time.

Additionally, although the DWI laws apply everywhere in Minnesota, treatment programs and programs offering an alternative to incarceration vary widely among Minnesota counties. Successfully completing a treatment program may help you reduce your sentence if a court convicts you of your DWI charges. I will help you explore all your options to help you minimize the impact of a sentence on your life and get you back to work and your family.

A DWI Is a Serious Charge

Whether this is your first DWI charge or a subsequent drunk driving charge, I will aggressively defend you. You have options and alternatives, even if you face felony-level DWI charges.

As an experienced defense attorney, I will explore the best way to approach your case and understand your life and your priorities. Then, together, we will decide which path to pursue when putting together your defense.

Did the Police Act Lawfully?

The prosecutor’s case depends upon the quality of the police and investigative work at the time of your arrest. If the police did not lawfully stop you or correctly administer the test measuring your blood-alcohol, the prosecutor may not have enough evidence to bring charges or pursue a conviction. I will aggressively review all of the evidence against you and determine whether everything was done properly.

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