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If you are arrested and charged with a DWI, you will unfortunately be dealing with the consequences immediately and for a long time to come. If you contact me as soon as possible after being arrested, I can help fight automatic revocation of your license and the criminal charges being brought against you.
You are not a criminal. You are entitled to a defense that puts the effect of this event in the context of your life. I am experienced and compassionate, and I will understand your situation. I strive to show the court that you are not just another case file. Rather, you are a human who made an unfortunate mistake.

Avoid Losing Your Driver’s License

The State of Minnesota has the legal authority to automatically revoke your driver’s license for various periods of time. It can also permanently cancel your license. Which action the State takes and to what degree, largely depends on the facts of your case.

If this is your first offense:

  • You may have the option to keep your driving privileges with an ignition interlock device.
  • You can choose to obtain a restricted license that permits you to drive to work or school after a 15-day period of no driving.
  • You can challenge the license revocation by filing a case against the Commissioner of Public Safety.

If This Is a Second or Subsequent Violation…

If you have two or more DWI offenses or your blood alcohol content (BAC) was more than .16, then the license-related sanctions are much more severe. A felony-level DWI is very serious and a conviction can have severe consequences to you in your personal and professional life.

A felony conviction can result in up to seven years in prison, up to $14,000 in fines, forfeiting your vehicle and permanent loss of your driver’s license. You need an attorney with experience to fight for you to achieve positive results in any DWI case, but especially if you are charged with a felony.

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It is important to call on an experienced attorney as soon as possible after an arrest for DWI in Roseville. Contact me, Justin Schiks, at 651-504-2564 to arrange a free, confidential consultation about your DWI case. The sooner you call, the faster I can start working for you.

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