St. Paul, MN Felony DWI Defense Lawyer

If you are facing a felony DWI charge, do not put your future at risk. It is extremely important to seek experienced legal representation as soon as possible.

Please contact me, DWI defense attorney Justin Schiks. I am experienced in representing people charged with the most serious drunk driving offenses, including felony DWI. I have helped people just like you achieve positive results in felony DWI cases in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area and throughout Minnesota.

The Consequences of Conviction

Conviction for a felony DWI in Minnesota can result in up to seven years in prison, up to $14,000 in fines and the forfeiture of your vehicle. Additionally, your driver’s license may be permanently cancelled.

The consequences of a felony DWI conviction can last long after you have served your sentence. With a felony on your record, you may find it difficult to obtain or keep a job or a place to live. Doctors, lawyers and other professionals may lose their professional license. You will not be able to own a firearm, vote, enlist in the military or enroll in some colleges or universities.

Pursuing Your Best Interests

At a time like this, you need a lawyer who knows how to protect your interests both today and in the years to come. You can rely on my experience, knowledge and commitment to my clients.

While felony DWI law is the same throughout Minnesota, each county has different programs that may allow for less severe consequences. Successful completion of a treatment program may result in a reduced sentence, for example. I will explore all the options available to you and recommend actions that may help your case.

An Aggressive Defense

At the same time, I will pursue an aggressive defense of the felony DWI charge. I will analyze the prosecution’s case, looking for deficiencies in the quality of police work. Did the police have probable cause for stopping you? Was the blood alcohol test valid? Could overturning a prior conviction result in a lesser charge?

In short, I will pursue all available options to achieve a positive result. To learn how I can help, please call 651-504-2564 or contact me by email.

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