Defending Minnesotans Charged With Shoplifting

Shoplifting can be a thoughtless act, a youthful transgression or a symptom of a psychological problem. Conviction on a shoplifting charge is anything but trivial. It can prevent you from getting a job, renting an apartment, obtaining a professional license or being accepted into a college program.

If you have been charged with shoplifting, it is important to discuss your case with a criminal defense lawyer who knows how to protect your interests. I am Justin Schiks, a Woodbury Shoplifting Lawyer and I defend people of all ages who have been charged with shoplifting and other forms of theft. I am a respected trial lawyer and an excellent negotiator who will work to minimize the negative consequences of a shoplifting charge.

Shoplifting as a Symptom

Many people who shoplift do not do so because they need the items they are taking or are unable to pay for them. Some are suffering from a mental health issue. People with emotional problems or repressed feelings sometimes act out in unusual ways. Shoplifting is one of those ways. In these types of cases, I may persuade the judge and prosecutor that mental health treatment aimed at addressing the core issue would be more likely to prevent repeat offenses than punishment.

Shoplifting as a Youthful Transgression

Young people may not understand that taking $50 worth of baby food or makeup today can jeopardize their ability to earn a living for years to come.

I have successfully defended clients who were found outside of a store carrying merchandise they did not purchase. In some cases, I have shown that my client did not intend to take the item, but merely forgot to put it back. I am often able to get clients into diversion programs so that a shoplifting charge will not remain on their criminal record.

Do not minimize the potential consequences of a shoplifting charge. Call 651-504-2564 or contact me by email to discuss your case.

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“All I can say is that Justin Schiks saved me from what was a train wreck waiting to happen. I had a different criminal attorney that gave me very bad legal advice and did a plea that I never should have done. I thought my fate was sealed, but Justin said nothing is ever in set stone. He was able to get my plea reduced; resulting in dramatically reduced my sentence. ”