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How Long Do You Stay in Jail for a Bench Warrant? Criminal Defense

How Long Do You Stay in Jail for a Bench Warrant?

5 months ago by Justin M. Schiks
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Imagine this scenario: You’ve been going about your daily life, when suddenly you receive a call from the police. They inform you that there’s a bench warrant for your arrest. Panic sets in as you wonder what this means for your freedom. How long will you have to stay in jail? What are your options?

If you find yourself facing a bench warrant in Minnesota, it’s crucial to understand the potential consequences and take immediate action. JS Defense, PA is here to guide you through this challenging process. Contact our MN criminal defense lawyer immediately to ensure your rights are protected.

Understanding Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is typically issued by a judge when an individual fails to comply with a court order. It could be for failing to appear in court, violating probation, or not paying fines.

A bench warrant gives law enforcement the authority to arrest you and bring you before the court. This means that if you’re stopped by the police for any reason, they can take you into custody and transport you to jail.

The Duration of Jail Time for a Bench Warrant

Now, let’s address the primary concern: how long will you stay in jail for a bench warrant? The answer depends on various factors, such as the specific circumstances of your case and the judge’s discretion. While there is no set time frame, always take the situation seriously and seek legal representation immediately.

Hiring a Minnesota criminal defense lawyer is your best course of action when handling bench warrants. We can navigate the legal system on your behalf and potentially secure your release from custody sooner than later. 

Additionally, we can help you address the underlying issues that led to the bench warrant and work towards resolving them. This can include defending against any criminal charges, addressing new charges for failure to appear, and more. 

Did You Miss a Court Date?

If you missed a court date, do not simply ignore the matter, as you likely have a bench warrant and can be arrested at any time. Instead, contact our legal team immediately. 

By retaining an attorney, you demonstrate your commitment to resolving the legal issue at hand. Your lawyer can address the warrant with the court and find the best solution, which might even avoid jail time or minimize it as much as possible. We can then advocate for you in court and present any valid defenses or mitigating factors on your behalf. 

Contact Our Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer

Don’t wait for the situation to escalate further. If you’re dealing with a bench warrant in Minnesota, reach out to JS Defense, PA today. We understand the complexities of the legal system and have a track record of successfully defending our clients.

To speak with a Minnesota criminal defense lawyer, contact us to schedule a consultation. Remember, taking immediate action is crucial when it comes to protecting your rights and minimizing the potential consequences of a bench warrant.

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