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What Happens if a Witness Lies Under Oath in MN? Criminal Defense

What Happens if a Witness Lies Under Oath in MN?

2 years ago by Brian
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You could be charged with perjury if you’ve been accused of lying under oath in Minnesota. Learn more about it below. JS Defense, PA, can help you. 

Perjury Is A Crime In Minnesota


When you testify under oath, you are required to do so truthfully. If you don’t, there can be severe penalties. If you are accused of perjury, a criminal defense attorney should always defend you. In Minnesota, lying under oath can be punished by fines, jail time, and probation. You can receive up to five years and a $10,000 fine for perjury in Minnesota. 


Lying under oath is taken seriously in Minnesota because it is an obstruction of justice. Perjury or lying under oath means making false statements under oath to deceive the judge, jury, and the rest of the court


The court makes legal decisions based on evidence and testimonies, so lying under oath can damage the defense. There are many cases where an innocent defendant was found guilty for something they did not commit. 

Consequences for Lying Under Oath 


Lying under oath is a criminal issue, not a civil one. If you lie under oath, you can receive severe punishments. While there is no recourse for a defendant to receive restitution because of false testimony, you can have perjury charges filed against you. The false testimony also can lead to an appeal if the court does not file perjury charges. 

Defenses To Lying Under Oath


It is clear that perjury is a serious charge and must be taken seriously. You can be held liable for lying under oath if you make a false statement under oath. However, JS Defense PA often relies on the following defenses to fight lying under oath charge: 

False Statement Was Given Unknowingly


The most effective defense to this charge is you did not know you were making a false statement. If you were unaware that the statement was false, the court cannot hold you liable for lying under oath. 


It can be difficult for the prosecutor to prove that you knowingly gave a false statement. However, showing this evidence is challenging, so it can be a strong defense. Our criminal defense lawyers will examine the questionable testimony to determine if this defense could work.

The Statements Were True


Another possible defense is the statements you made were true. Lying under oath requires the statement to be false. This defense may work even if you gave a misleading statement that was still true. 


For example, if the prosecutor asks if you were ever convicted of a crime in Texas and you say no, that could be true. However, perhaps you were convicted of a DUI in Oklahoma. The statement was accurate but misleading. However, this defense could work. 

Contact A Woodbury, MN Criminal Defense Attorney Today 


Lying under oath is a serious matter. If you have been accused of this crime in Minnesota, JS Defense, PA can help. Our Woodbury and St. Paul attorneys will provide the best lying-under-oath defense, so contact us today. Call: 651-968-9652.


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