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What to Expect During Your Criminal Case Criminal Defense

What to Expect During Your Criminal Case

2 years ago by Brian
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Getting arrested and charged with a crime is an unsettling experience, especially for those who are dealing with the criminal justice system for the first time. For those who have had a prior experience that resulted in a conviction, going through a criminal process for the second time can be even more serious. 

At JS Defense, our experienced criminal defense attorney helps those who are facing criminal charges or those who have been charged with a crime to get the best possible outcome in their case. Going through the criminal process is not a pleasant experience for obvious reasons, but we are here to do everything we can to make sure you obtain a fair and just disposition of your case.

The Criminal Law Process in Minnesota

The criminal law process starts when a crime has been committed, and someone has been arrested for it or when there is suspicion a crime is about to be committed. These situations trigger several things, and steps in the criminal law process are as follows:

  1. Investigation and Arrest. Before anyone is arrested and charged with a crime, there is usually an investigation of suspected criminal activity or suspicion of a person to have committed a crime. However, to arrest anyone, the police must either have an arrest warrant or reasonable grounds to suspect the person has committed a crime or is about to.
  2. Rights During Arrest. When a police officer arrests someone, they are required to read or advise them about their constitutional rights, such as the right to remain silent when asked questions by the police or the right to call an attorney right away.
  3. Arraignment. Once a suspect has been taken into custody, the law requires that the person be brought before a magistrate as soon as practical for arraignment. During arraignment, the arrested person is read the charges against them, the magistrate tells them about their rights and renders a decision on whether the person should be held in custody pending trial or to be released with or without conditions, including bond, among other things.
  4. Release and Trial. If the person is released on bond or without bond, a trial date will be set when the government will be required to make their case for the charges and for the person charged to present their defense. In many cases, the lawyer for the person being tried will negotiate a plea for the defendant and there is no plea reached, the case goes to trial before a judge or jury who renders the verdict in the case after a trial.
  5.  Appeal. If the person is convicted, they will have a right to appeal their case and ask to be free pending the outcome of that appeal. This request may or may not be granted.

Let Our Woodbury, MN Criminal Defense Attorney Help You

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer by your side. Contact JS Defense, PA, for a free consultation.

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