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What are the Least Safe Cities in MN? Criminal Defense

What are the Least Safe Cities in MN?

7 months ago by Justin M. Schiks
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Statistics reveal that Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Rocester, because of their size, have higher crime rates. According to data from the FBI, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Rochester all record higher incidences of property crimes and theft. Therefore, Roseville criminal defense attorneys have their work cut out for them in these northern U.S. metro areas.

Safe Havens

However, some cities are pretty peaceful. Take, for instance, Lamberton, home to around 750 residents. No crimes have been recorded during the past year. The crime rates are also low in Preston and Paynesville. 

While the above communities have set records with respect to low crime rates, Minneapolis holds records for having high rates of homicides, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults within the state. 

Homicide Statistics

In 2020, there were 84 reported homicides in Minneapolis—an increase from 48 cases in 2019. This surge represents a 75% rise. This figure yields a homicide rate of 12.4 per 100,000 residents—a figure much higher than the national average.

The U.S. murder/homicide rate in 2021 was 6.81 – an approximate 6% increase from 2020. The murder/homicide rate in 2020 was 6.42 – around 28% higher than it was in 2019.

Other Notable Data

In terms of property crimes like burglary, larceny theft, and motor vehicle theft, both Minneapolis and St. Paul surpassed the national average. For instance, in Minneapolis, there were over 10,000 reported incidents of property crimes in 2020—with larceny and theft accounting for a majority of these cases.

Crime Statistics in Rochester

Although still lower than what’s observed in Minneapolis or St. Paul, Rochester’s crime rates have been steadily increasing over the years. Between 2016 and 2020, the city saw a rise of 25% in violent crime incidents and approximately a 28% increase in property crime incidents within Rochester’s city limits.

If this trend continues unchecked, it is possible that the city’s crime rates may eventually reach levels like those seen in the Twin Cities area.

Dangerous Neighborhoods in Minneapolis

If you reside in or visit Minneapolis, you need to exercise more caution in certain neighborhoods. You need to practice more vigilance in North Minneapolis and communities west of downtown.

North Minneapolis

North Minneapolis faces certain social challenges, recording higher crime rates for homicide, aggravated assault, and robbery. Neighborhoods like Hawthorne, McKinley, and Jordan have experienced more criminal activity and incidents related to gang violence. 

Downtown West

West of Downtown Minneapolis lies the neighborhoods of Cedar-Riverside, Stevens Square, and Loring Heights – all of which witness steeper levels of criminal behavior and violence. Drug-related crimes, robberies, and assaults have been reported in recent years. 

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in Roseville, Minnesota Today

These crime statistics mean that many people get arrested each day in Minnesota. Anyone facing criminal allegations should immediately seek professional defense help, as their future is on the line. 

Do you need a criminal defense attorney in Rosevile, Minnesota? If so, contact JS Defense as soon as possible. Schedule a no-obligation consultation now. Make sure you receive fair legal representation if you’re charged in Minnesota for a crime.

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