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DWI Cases Spike Over Holiday Weekends DWI

DWI Cases Spike Over Holiday Weekends

3 years ago by Justin M. Schiks
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Holiday weekends mean increased DWI enforcement in Minnesota, which usually leads to more DWI arrests. If you were arrested and charged with driving while impaired, you need a Woodbury, MN DWI Lawyer on your side. 

We all enjoy a long weekend for the summer holidays – Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and the upcoming Labor Day. People might get an extra day off work and may gather with family or friends to enjoy the summer weather and, often, have a few alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, many people then have their holiday weekend ruined when they are arrested on suspicion of driving while impaired (DWI)

If you were arrested for DWI over a holiday weekend in 2021 – or any other time for that matter – it is important that you take your charges seriously. Speak with a criminal defense attorney about your Woodbury, MN DWI Lawyer today. 

Increase in DWI Arrests

Sources indicate that 367 people were arrested across Minnesota over the Fourth of July weekend a month ago, which is about 183 per day. The report also stated that 12,118 drivers had been arrested so far in 2021 as of July 4th, which is about an average of 65 per day. The number of DWI arrests nearly tripled over the holiday due to extra DWI enforcement. 

You can expect law enforcement agencies to plan on increased efforts over the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend, as well. This might include setting up DWI checkpoints or simply increasing the number of police cars that are patrolling over these holidays. Either way, do not risk getting pulled over after drinking. Always have a sober ride planned if you plan to drink and will need a ride home. 

Were You Arrested for DWI?

If you were arrested for DWI on July 4th, 2021, you need the right DWI defense representation right away. Even if you know you were guilty of DWI, having an experienced defense lawyer can still improve the outcome of your case. 

Our law firm will examine your circumstances to identify any possible defense strategy that will minimize the consequences that you face. These can include:

  1. Identifying unlawful traffic stops or wrongful checkpoint conduct by officers
  2. Challenging the results of a breath or other chemical test
  3. Negotiating with the prosecutor for a favorable plea agreement

DWI might seem like a relatively minor charge to many people, but you should always take it seriously. Even though a first-time DWI is a misdemeanor, it can still result in 90 days in jail and up to $1,000 in fines. If your blood alcohol content (BAC) was over 0.16 percent, it can mean up to one year in jail. You can also lose your driver’s license for a period of time, as well as face additional penalties if you refused a breath test during your traffic stop. Having the right defense help can minimize the consequences of your case. 

Speak with a Woodbury, MN DWI Lawyer

If you were arrested for DWI over July 4th, you should contact a Woodbury, MN defense lawyer from JS Defense, PA., as soon as possible. Call (651) 968-9652 or contact us online to discuss your case and the many ways we might be able to help.

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