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The Collateral Consequences of Violent Crimes Can Last a Lifetime Violent Crimes

The Collateral Consequences of Violent Crimes Can Last a Lifetime

5 years ago by Justin M. Schiks
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Violent crimes like assault, battery, manslaughter, and murder are among the most serious crimes with which a person can be charged and have the potential to result in extremely serious consequences. Many people are surprised to learn that the consequences of these kinds of offenses can last long after a person’s sentence is over and their debt to society has been paid.

These collateral consequences often arise when they are least expected and can affect nearly every aspect of your life. Some of the more common collateral consequences associated with a violent crime conviction include:

Employment Difficulties

A violent crime conviction can result in significant problems related to employment. As Minnesota is an at-will employment state, an employer can terminate you from your current position if you are convicted of a violent crime. In addition, as background checks have become a nearly universal part of the job application process, a violent criminal conviction can make it extremely difficult to get a job in the future.

Challenges Renting an Apartment

Background checks have also become a common part of any rental application for an apartment. Landlords have an interest in doing everything they can to prevent illegal activity from occurring on their property and may be extremely hesitant to rent to a person that has been convicted of a violent crime.

Problems Related to Your Education

Most colleges and universities have student codes of conduct that prohibit students from engaging in illegal activity, and a violent crime conviction could expose you to significant sanctions. These sanctions could include probation, the loss of a scholarship or financial aid package, suspensions, or even dismissal. In addition, a conviction of a violent offense could also affect your chances of admission to the college or university of your choice in the future.

How an Attorney Can Help You

Fortunately, if you are facing allegations of violent criminal conduct, there are often ways that a skilled criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid the most serious consequences associated with your charge. The most obvious of these is by helping you avoid a conviction entirely, and some of the defenses your lawyer may be able to raise include self-defense or impeaching the credibility of the alleged victim. In the event that your best option is to plead guilty, an attorney may be able to convince the court to grant you a suspended imposition of sentence (SIS), which can result in the sealing of your conviction if you comply with certain terms. Finally, if you have already been convicted of a violent crime, an experienced lawyer may be able to help you have your record expunged.

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