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SR-22 for Previous DWI Charges: How It Works in Minnesota  DUI, DWI

SR-22 for Previous DWI Charges: How It Works in Minnesota 

1 year ago by Justin M. Schiks
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Some drivers think that SR-22 is an insurance policy for DWI. However, SR-22 is not an insurance policy but a form your insurance company completes to prove you’re legally insured with the state minimum coverage in liability insurance.


After a DWI then, the completion of an SR-22 form usually leads to higher rates.


Minnesota DWI Drivers Must Complete a Certificate of Insurance

While this form is standard in most states after a DWI arrest, Minnesota does not require SR-22 insurance but does mandate drivers whose license has been suspended, to fill out and file a certificate of insurance.


This certificate must be completed to reinstate the driver’s license. 


The form is filled out by a representative of the driver’s insurance company to show that the driver meets the minimum requirements for coverage in Minnesota, the certificate must be kept on file for one calendar year.


How a DWI Can Affect Your Insurance Coverage and Rates

Even if the state does not “technically” require that an SR-22 form be filled out, your insurance rates will still escalate after a DWI. Some premiums go up, on average, by 165% after a DWI arrest and conviction. 


Regardless, you still must show that you’re driving with the required and state minimum insurance protection. 


Required Insurance Coverage in Minnesota

The following insurance is required in Minnesota:


  1. Personal injury protection (PIP) covers you or members of our household for lost wages and medical expenses, regardless of who’s at fault. Another name for insurance is no-fault coverage.
  2. Liability protection covers injuries suffered by the other driver as well as damages to their vehicle when you’re at fault. In Minnesota, the state sets liability insurance minimums at 30/60/10, or $30,000 bodily injury per person, $60,000 bodily injury for two or more people, and $10,000 property damage liability per accident.
  3. Underinsured coverage covers the medical claims of drivers covered by your insurance plan. These benefits are added to your PIP insurance and apply when the other driver is underinsured or does not have sufficient liability coverage to cover your medical claims.


If you are charged with DWI or a related conviction, you’re naturally considered high risk. Again, while Minnesota does not require an SR-22 form, the state’s Department of Public Safety does make it mandatory for drivers to carry minimum liability insurance. 


Therefore, the certificate of insurance that you submit will keep you legal, although you’ll pay higher rates.


However, if your license has been suspended or revoked because of a DWI, your insurance company may also elect to cancel or not renew your policy. Again, the cost of getting a new policy is often substantial. 


How Much You Might Pay

For full coverage, drivers with a DWI pay around $2,320 annually, while drivers without a DWI pay, on average, about $1,165 per year.


Plus, your DWI conviction stays on your driving record indefinitely. The offense affects your minimum liability insurance rates and even optional coverage like collision or comprehensive insurance protection.


That is why, if you’re arrested for DWI, you should consult with a DWI defense attorney.


Who to Contact About Your DWI Criminal Defense Case

In Minnesota, your go-to legal firm for DWI matters is JS Defense, PA. Learn more about your rights and further details about your defense options for fighting a DWI arrest and charges today. Call: 651-362-9426.


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