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Sexual Harassment at the Office – Can it lead to Criminal Charges? Recent Cases

Sexual Harassment at the Office – Can it lead to Criminal Charges?

5 years ago by Justin M. Schiks
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Many sexual harassment claims – in particular, those stemming from workplace allegations – proceed as civil cases (i.e., under federal law or under Minnesota state laws). However, the types of conduct which give rise to a civil sexual harassment complaint could also bring about a criminal complaint. In fact, any criminal claim could proceed concurrently with a civil claim.

If you have been criminally charged with sexual harassment, the potential consequences upon conviction could be devastating. When the alleged incident of sexual harassment occurred in the workplace, you will almost certainly lose your job, and it could be difficult – if not impossible – to find employment elsewhere.

A skilled Woodbury sex crimes lawyer at JS Defense, PA. could help defend you against your sexual harassment charge and work towards minimizing the potential consequences of the charge and any conviction. If you have been charged with sexual harassment or any other sex crime, you should not delay in finding experienced legal counsel to represent you. Call us today to discuss your legal matter in more detail and to find out how we could help.

When Office Sexual Harassment Could Result in Criminal Charges

In some circumstances, sexual harassment which occurs in an office setting could be considered criminal, and criminal charges could be brought by the State accordingly. Those circumstances include the following:

  • Assault – in cases where the offense involves some threat of imminent physical harm against the alleged victim, then the sexual harassment charge could be prosecuted criminally
  • Battery – in cases where the accused actually engages in a harmful or offensive touching upon the accused, then the accused could be prosecuted criminally
  • Terroristic threats – if the alleged harassment involves a threat to commit a violent crime with the intention of terrorizing the alleged victim, then the accused could incur criminal charges
  • Rape – in cases where a rape (defined in the State of Minnesota as “criminal sexual conduct”) is involved in the alleged harassment, then the accused could face a criminal charge

Rape could include allegations of not just anal, vaginal, or oral sexual contact, but also improper sexual touching. A conviction for a criminal sexual harassment charge could result in criminal penalties, including fines and even incarceration, in some cases.

Contact a Woodbury Sex Crimes Lawyer about Your Case Today

If you have been charged with sexual harassment at the criminal level, time might be of the essence in your case. When it comes to formulating a defense, you want an experienced lawyer on your side who is used to handling these proceedings in court and fiercely advocating for the accused.

At JS Defense, PA., our legal team will zealously advocate for you throughout your criminal case, ensure that your rights remain protected at every stage, and represent you during all proceedings in the courtroom, including trial. To schedule a free consultation or case evaluation with a Woodbury sex crimes lawyer, call us today at (651) 968-9652 or contact us online for help proceeding forward with your case.

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