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Different Penalties for Drug Possession in Minnesota Drug Crimes

Different Penalties for Drug Possession in Minnesota

3 years ago by Brian
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Drug possession can come with different penalties, depending on the nature of the allegations against you. No matter what type of accusations are against you, you need help from a Woodbury drug crime defense lawyer. 

In the State of Minnesota, a conviction for drug possession can land you in a lot of hot water. In addition to the black mark of having a drug conviction on your record, you could also incur serious penalties – including possible jail time. 

If you are currently facing a drug possession charge in the State of Minnesota, the knowledgeable and experienced Woodbury drug crime lawyers at JS Defense, PA., are ready to help. Our team can go over the circumstances of your arrest and drug charge with you and help you decide on your best line of defense for your criminal case. Please speak with us today to discover more about how we could help defend you against your pending criminal drug charge. 

What is Drug Possession in Minnesota?

Drug possession in the state of Minnesota generally falls into two primary categories: actual possession and constructive possession. Actual possession of a drug typically means that the drug is found somewhere on the accused’s person, such as in a coat pocket or pants pocket. Constructive possession typically means that the drug is found in the accused’s immediate vicinity or reach area. In order for a person to be in constructive possession of a drug, he or she must have easy and ready access to it.

In cases where a person is accused of constructive possession, he or she might be able to argue that the drugs actually belonged to someone else and that the accused did not have ready access to the drugs. 

Potential Penalties for Drug Possession in Minnesota

In order to be convicted of illegally possessing a drug in Minnesota, the state prosecutor has the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. If the prosecutor is able to meet this burden, a judge will determine the criminal sentence and penalties.

Drug possession convictions in Minnesota can lead to severe penalties, depending upon the type and quantity of the drug which you possessed. If you are convicted on a drug possession charge in Minnesota, you could be sentenced to pay monetary fines, serve jail time, and/or serve a period of probation. You could also be required to attend a drug treatment or rehabilitation program.

A knowledgeable Woodbury drug crimes attorney could assist you with defending against your criminal drug possession charge. If you are ultimately convicted on the charge, your attorney could assist you with minimizing the potential consequences of the convection.

Call an Experienced Woodbury Drug Crimes Lawyer Today

If you have been accused of drug possession in Minnesota, it is very important that you have skilled legal representation on your side as early on in the process as possible. The skilled legal team at JS Defense, PA., is ready to help you defend against your criminal drug charge and work for the best possible outcome in your case.
For a free case evaluation and legal consultation with an experienced Woodbury drug crimes attorney, please call us today at (651) 968-9652 or contact us online for more information about how we could assist.

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