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Penalties for DWI While Operating a Truck in MN DUI, DWI

Penalties for DWI While Operating a Truck in MN

1 year ago by Brian
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Minnesota law sets out harsh penalties for any intoxicated drivers, and police agencies across the state and in the Woodbury area have ramped up enforcement.


This means more traffic stops and more arrests for driving while impaired (DWI).


While a DWI charge should be a serious matter for anyone, it is especially concerning for those arrested while driving a commercial truck. 


If you are facing accusations of DWI while driving a truck, you need assistance from a highly experienced DWI defense lawyer immediately.  


Harsher Standards and Penalties for Commercial Drivers

State Troopers stop a suspicious truck driver

Woodbury MN DUI/DWI Lawyer


State DWI laws are harsher for commercial drivers – and for a good reason. These drivers are behind the wheels of large semi-trucks, tankers, flatbeds, box trucks, and other heavy vehicles that dwarf others on the road.


If a commercial vehicle hits a smaller car, it can cause devastating damage and injuries. For this reason, the law is harsher when it comes to DWI for those driving commercial vehicles. 


Lower Legal Limit


Every driver should be familiar with the legal limit for alcohol of 0.08 percent blood alcohol content (BAC).


If a driver is above the legal limit, they are presumed to be intoxicated. If they are below the legal limit, the case will require additional evidence of intoxication. 


For commercial drivers, this legal limit gets cut in half. This means that if a commercial driver has a BAC of 0.04 percent or higher, it can serve as enough evidence of DWI to issue charges.


This increases the chances of an arrest, even if a commercial driver did not have enough alcohol to have their driving abilities impaired. 


Discuss with your defense attorney whether you can challenge the results of a BAC reading as part of your defense. 


Enhanced Penalties


Commercial drivers face more serious consequences for DWI. For example, you can become disqualified from holding a CDL for one year for a first offense, no matter what type of vehicle you were driving at the time of the arrest.


Further, CDL holders are not eligible for limited driving privileges. Instead, they cannot drive any vehicle at all until the disqualification period expires.


If someone was driving a HAZMAT truck at the time they were pulled over, the CDL disqualification is extended to three years.


Drivers can permanently lose their CDLs for multiple DWI violations


In addition to the fines, probation, and even potential jail time possible for a DWI conviction, commercial drivers also lose their ability to make a living in their chosen profession.


Further, once they have a DWI on their record, trucking companies might not hire them even if they have their CDL reinstated. 


Let a Woodbury, MN DWI Attorney Defend You


Getting a DWI charge while driving a commercial truck can cause many problems, including the possible loss of your CDL and your livelihood.


At J.S. Defense, P.A., we defend against all types of DWI charges, and we fight to help our clients keep their licenses.


Contact us for more information today. Call: 651-362-9426

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