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Most Common Criminal Charges in Minnesota Criminal Defense, DUI

Most Common Criminal Charges in Minnesota

2 years ago by Brian
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Criminal charges and convictions in Minnesota can have a significant impact on your life. If you sustain a conviction for your charge, you could be looking at fines, jail time, community service, probation, and other legal penalties, and it’s always good having an Experienced Woodbury Criminal Defense Lawyer on your side.

Also, a conviction could lead to numerous collateral consequences. For example, you might have difficulty getting a job, finding a place to live, or gaining admission to a college or university, due to a criminal arrest or conviction on your record. 

If you are faced with pending criminal charges, a criminal defense lawyer from JS Defense, PA, is ready to help.

In addition to reviewing potential legal defenses to the charge with you, we could negotiate a favorable plea deal with the state prosecutor in your case and, if necessary, advocate for your interests at trial.

If you ultimately sustain a conviction, we can represent you during sentencing and work to reduce the potential consequences to you. 


Criminal Charges in Minnesota 

In Minnesota, as in other jurisdictions, a criminal charge or an arrest is not the same thing as a conviction.

In most instances, a police officer only needs a warrant or probable cause to initiate an arrest.

However, to find you guilty or convict you of a criminal offense, the state prosecutor has to prove all of the legal elements of your case beyond a reasonable doubt – or beyond a doubt that is based upon ordinary common sense and reason.

That can be an extremely high burden to meet. 

Moreover, in response to a criminal charge, you do not need to prove anything in your case. You do not even need to take the witness stand and testify if your case goes to trial.

Rather, the sole legal burden of proof in your criminal case rests with the prosecution. 

If you find yourself facing a criminal charge – even a misdemeanor charge – it is vital that you retain a skilled criminal defense lawyer to represent you as soon as possible.

Most common offenses that result in criminal charges in Minnesota include:


  1. Assault, battery, and other forms of domestic violence
  2. Homicides, including manslaughter or murder
  3. DUI and related drunk driving offenses 
  4. Drug crimes, including drug possession and possession with intent to distribute
  5. Theft offenses
  6. Gun charges
  7. White collar crimes


If you are facing charges for any of these common offenses, we can meet with you to discuss the charge and develop a plan of action for moving forward.


Options When Facing a Criminal Charge

Not all criminal matters go to trial. If they did, it would place a tremendous burden on the court system.

Many criminal matters resolve by way of a plea deal, in which the accused individual pleads guilty in exchange for some concession by the prosecutor.

For example, the accused might plead guilty to a lesser offense or receive a period of probation in exchange for a guilty plea.

Another option is to take your criminal matter to trial. The right lawyer can review your options with you and help you negotiate a favorable plea deal with the prosecution.

He can also help you decide whether to accept a plea deal or take your matter to trial before a judge or jury.  


Contact a Woodbury, MN Criminal Defense Lawyer about Your Pending Criminal Charge

JS Defense, PA, is ready to assist you with handling every aspect of your criminal case.

For a free case evaluation and legal consultation with a skilled criminal defense attorney, please contact us online to learn more. Call: 651-968-9652.


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