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Do You Lose Your Driver’s License After A DWI in MN?  Drivers License, DUI, DWI

Do You Lose Your Driver’s License After A DWI in MN? 

2 years ago by Brian
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Were you arrested recently for DUI near Woodbury – St. Paul, MN? You probably feel overwhelmed and stressed as you wonder what the future holds. What happens if you’re convicted?, will you lose your license after a DWI in Minnesota


The good news is you won’t immediately lose your license after a DWI arrest. However, the state will probably start the administrative process to take away your driver’s license soon after the arrest. Unfortunately, many people lose their licenses before even being convicted of drunk driving. 


You also can lose your license after being convicted of DWI. This is where Minnesota DWI attorney JS Defense, PA can help. 

Administrative Suspension of Driving Privileges in Minnesota


You may lose your driver’s license soon after a DWI arrest based on Minnesota’s implied consent laws. While you probably won’t lose your license right after the arrest, your right to drive could be gone in a few days.


Minnesota law enforcement has the right to begin the administrative license suspension process after your DWI arrest. Because you could lose your license in days, contacting an Experienced DUI defense attorney is critical to fighting for you. 


There are two situations where the police can attempt to suspend your license after the arrest. First, they may get an administrative suspension of your driver’s license if you did not pass a breath, blood, or urine test after the DWI arrest. 


Second, your license may be suspended if you don’t agree to provide a chemical test, which violates Minnesota’s implied consent laws. 

What Is Implied Consent In Minnesota? 

Like every state, Minnesota has implied consent laws. This means that anyone who drives on Minnesota public roads gives their consent to provide a blood, breath, or urine test to determine if they are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs when driving. 


Police have the right to require you to take a breath test if you are pulled over for suspected drunk driving. This can be done without getting a warrant from a judge. However, law enforcement cannot do the same with blood or urine tests. A warrant is required in these cases. 


Law enforcement also cannot compel you to take a breath test or get a warrant for a urine or blood test without cause. Police must have probable cause to think you were under the influence. Some signs of intoxicated driving the police can cite include: 


  1. Weaving in and out of traffic
  2. Driving far below the speed limit
  3. Admitting to drinking or taking drugs and driving
  4. Failing field sobriety or breath test
  5. Noticing the scent of alcohol on your breath


When the police officer has identified probable cause, they can require you to take a breath test. If you won’t, that is when the police can move to suspend your driver’s license. 


You usually have just a few days after the DWI arrest before your license is suspended. Contacting a criminal defense attorney right away is important to safeguard your rights. Your attorney can contest the administrative license suspension. If successful, you could keep your driver’s license pending the outcome of the DWI case. 

Contact A Minneapolis DWI Attorney Now


If you have been arrested for DWI in Minneapolis, you need an aggressive DWI attorney to protect your rights. JS Defense, PA will do its best to obtain the best result possible in your DWI case. Contact JS Defense today using our contact form.  Call: 651-362.9426


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