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Do You Need a Lawyer for a Probation Violation?  Criminal Defense

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Probation Violation? 

3 years ago by Brian
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A violation of your probation can have extensive effects on your life and your ultimate Sentence. Probation violations can lead to incarceration, resulting in the loss of your freedom, among other consequences. In any situation where the loss of freedom is possible, you should have a Woodbury MN. Criminal Defense Attorney on your side to fight against your allegations and minimize your consequences.


If you have been accused of a probation violation, do not wait to connect with a Woodbury, MN criminal defense attorney from JS Defense, PA, now to explore options on your case. Just like any other criminal case, having the right defense representation is essential to protect your rights and your future if you face a probation violation.


What is the Purpose of Probation in Minnesota? 

In Minnesota and every other state, probation is a form of criminal penalty that allows the judge to sentence you for a period of time outside of prison, so long as you meet particular release conditions. Probation often results in Minnesota in misdemeanor cases or as a result of the Pretrial Intervention Program or drug court. 


Through the Pretrial Intervention Program, generally, first-time offenders are provided with opportunities to take advantage of alternatives to the traditional criminal justice process of ordinary prosecution. The services provided are meant to reduce and deter future criminal behavior. 


The purpose of probation is to provide an alternative solution to incarceration. Often those on probation will participate in rehabilitation programs or community service as a substitute for the punitive nature of being in prison. If the terms of probation are violated, however, you may find yourself having to carry out the full length of your deferred prison sentence, among other consequences. You need the right defense if you face this possibility.


What Happens if I Violate Probation in Minnesota? 

Each person on probation will have different terms they need to comply with, and this is the case with both supervised and unsupervised probation. Some common probation violations include:


  1. Failing to attend meetings with a probation officer or the court
  2. Not paying required fines or fees
  3. Failing a drug or alcohol test (or skipping the test altogether)
  4. Not attending school or working
  5. Possessing firearms
  6. Being in locations (such as bars after a DUI) that are prohibited
  7. Associating with other criminal offenders
  8. Being arrested or charged with another crime


If you are found guilty of a violation, you might face extended probation, “shock time” in jail, or even an extended prison sentence. The penalties for a violation can be costly, so you need the right defense. 

Connect with a Woodbury, MN Criminal Defense Attorney Now

Probation violation cases are separate from other criminal matters, though they are just as serious. You need to defend your rights against a probation violation accusation however possible. A lawyer can show you did not commit the violation or if you did, can argue for lesser penalties to keep you out of jail. To discuss options in your case, reach out to JS Defense,  schedule a consultation to discuss your case, or call today at 651-968-9652.


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