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Identity Theft Penalties In Minnesota Criminal Defense, Identity Theft

Identity Theft Penalties In Minnesota

3 years ago by Brian
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Identity theft is a form of theft crime that has serious penalties in the State of Minnesota. Always seek help from a Woodbury, MN theft crimes attorney if you are facing accusations of identity theft or related offenses. 


The State of Minnesota takes the crime of identity theft very seriously. This type of criminal offense can cause serious financial harm to many people, so the state seeks to punish offenders accordingly.


Depending on the severity of their offense, offenders found guilty of identity theft in Minnesota could face anywhere from 90 days to 20 years of imprisonment. But what exactly do these punishments entail in more detail, and what must an offender be found guilty of to be punished with these penalties? 


Moreover, if you’re a defendant who’s facing disingenuous or disproportionate punishment, how can a Woodbury, MN theft crimes attorney help you mitigate or prevent it? Keep reading to find out.

Identity Theft Sentence Length in Minnesota

As stated above, identity theft is a serious offense, both in Minnesota and nationwide, and one that is punished with varying severity. Those found guilty of it can face as little as three months or as long as two decades behind bars, but there’s a whole spectrum of varying punishments and penalties between those two. 


Per the Minnesota State Legislature’s official publication, identity theft penalties and punishments break down as follows:


  1. Combined loss of $250 or less: 90 days imprisonment, $1000 fine, misdemeanor,
  2. Combined loss of $251 to $500: 1-year imprisonment, $3000 fine, gross misdemeanor,
  3. Combined loss of $501 to $2500: 5 years imprisonment, $10000 fine, penalty,
  4. Combined loss of $2501 to $35000: 10 years imprisonment, $20000 fine, felony,
  5. Loss greater than $35000: 20 years imprisonment, $100000 fine, felony,
  6. Any combined loss affecting multiple victims: 5-20 years imprisonment, $10-100k fine, felony.

As you can see, even the lowest possible punishment for this offense can present dramatically life-altering consequences. Even spending three months behind bars can cause you to lose your job, family relationships, and create financial disturbances for years to come in the future. That’s why your best shot at dodging unfair, disproportionate, or potentially disastrous punishments like these is through working with a trusted, focused Woodbury, MN theft crimes attorney.

What Does A Theft Defense Lawyer Do?

According to reports, between 2 and 10 percent of all American offenders are believed to have been wrongfully convicted. Whether you’re facing a false and disingenuous charge or a punishment that’s disproportionate to your crime, you won’t want to leave these ramifications up to chance, which is why you should consider hiring a criminal lawyer for your best fighting chance.


A good criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate the legal system as effectively as possible by:


  1. Investigating and analyzing the facts
  2. Finding experts and other witnesses who can support your case
  3. Continually corresponding with the court and prosecution
  4. Bargaining for a more favorable plea deal
  5. Arguing to have your sentence reduced if found guilty


Seek Help from a Woodbury, MN Theft Crimes Lawyer

When the stakes are this high, you shouldn’t want to leave anything up to chance, and here in Minnesota, our team at JS Defense could potentially offer you your best fighting chance when you need it most. Contact or call 651-362-9414 our Woodbury, MN theft crimes attorneys today to learn more.

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