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How do DUI traffic violations differ from other crimes? DUI, DWI, Traffic Violations

How do DUI traffic violations differ from other crimes?

2 years ago by Justin M. Schiks
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In 2020 the Minnesota Department of Public Safety statewide statistics reported over 57,127 crashes (collisions) as the most common traffic violation. During the same period, more than 21,600 driving while intoxicated (DWI/DUI) incidents occurred and 394 people perished due to DUI’s.

Whether it’s a minor or serious violation, even the standard penalties can cause disruptions in your daily routines. Woodbury Traffic offenses Lawyers understand the court systems and the expertise to make a difference in judicial determinations.

Minor Traffic Offenses In Minnesota

Unlike many states, Minnesota does not have a point system. Instead, it tracks a driver’s history of major or minor violations. The information is a factor in determining punishment.

Traffic violations like running red lights or speeding are generally punishable with fines, community service, license suspension or revocation. Sometimes, the state statutes regulating traffic and motor vehicles enforce jail-time penalties.

  1. A petty misdemeanor has a fine with no court appearance or jail sentence under Minnesota Statute §169.89.
  2. Misdemeanor punishments include up to 90 days in prison, a fine, or both under Minnesota Statute §609.02.

If you choose to challenge the infraction, you probably will need help navigating through the legal system. It’s essential to speak with a traffic attorney to discuss the potential legal options.

Other Traffic Offenses In Minnesota  

When a driver places another individual (s) in danger, the degree of damage or physical harm impacts the charges brought against the driver.

Injuries or fatalities raise the seriousness of the violation. You could be charged with a criminal offense as a serious misdemeanor, or felony.

If you’re involved in one of these traffic violations, legal procedures include booking, bail, and jury trial. You need to contact a lawyer immediately. It’s your legal right to have an experienced lawyer defend the charges.

  1. Reckless driving is a misdemeanor under Minnesota Statute §169.13
  2. Driving without insurance carries a criminal penalty under Minnesota Statute §169.791
  3. Leaving the scene of a collision can be charged as a crime under Minnesota Statute §169.09

Minnesota DUI/DWI Traffic Laws

As the second most common traffic violation in the state, DWIs affect your personal and commercial driver’s license (CDL). Minnesota makes no distinction between a non-commercial or commercial traffic violation.

If you are charged with a traffic violation because of intoxication, you need to talk with a Woodbury, MN DWI Lawyer.

  1. Minnesota’s legal blood alcohol content limit is .08.
  2. CDL blood alcohol limit is .04.

Aggravated DUI (felony) penalties include several years of probation and prison. These factors influence the final determinations.

  1. Driving with a suspended, restricted, or revoked license.
  2. DUI charges with a passenger under the age of 15 years.
  3. Multiple DUIs.

Woodbury Traffic offenses Lawyer are familiar with the traffic laws

If you’re dealing with a minor or serious traffic violation, call our office near Woodbury-St. Paul and throughout Minnesota. We can talk about the legal considerations including possible decisions, maximum penalties, and the potential loss of freedom.

For more information please visit our site. Call for a free consultation: 651-362-9426

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