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How long does a DWI affect your car insurance in MN? DUI, DWI

How long does a DWI affect your car insurance in MN?

2 years ago by Brian
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People in Minnesota who face convictions for driving while impaired (DWI) offenses have a multitude of concerns relating to criminal penalties.

Including wondering how much jail time they will be facing, what kinds of fines they will have to pay, and how long suspensions will be for their driver’s licenses.

Beyond all of this, another consequence of a DWI can be higher car insurance rates, and anybody who is dealing with DUI & DWI charges is going to want to be sure that they speak to an experienced Minnesota DWI & criminal defense attorney.

Effects of a DWI on your Auto Insurance in Minnesota

Research indicates that a single drunk driving arrest could raise car insurance rates by 72 percent, with Minnesota having a $1,636 annual difference between drivers with one DWI and those without any.

Consumer credit reporting company Experian reported in March 2022 that a drunk driving conviction could increase your insurance rates for at least three years.

But how long rates are affected will depend on your driving record, the state where you live, and your insurance company’s practices.

Again, Minnesota DUI & DWI convictions carry multiple consequences beyond jail time, fines, and driver’s license suspensions.

An increased cost of car insurance is one of the often forgotten drawbacks that can materialize rather quickly.

The law requires most drivers with a DUI & DWI conviction to obtain a special type of insurance certification, called SR-22, which costs more than regular policies. 

The bottom line is that a DWI conviction can lead to car insurance costs increasing significantly in most cases.

Insurance companies typically treat any person with a DWI conviction as a high-risk driver, usually resulting in higher monthly premiums.

How Long Does a DUI & DWI stay on your Record?

A DWI conviction often has the potential to follow you around for the remainder of your life. In some situations, it may only be a matter of three to five years before some of the consequences of your conviction begin to dissipate.

A DWI conviction technically stays on your criminal record for the rest of your life. There is never any time that law enforcement reviews your record, and the conviction will not appear.

You should understand that Minnesota relies on a look-back period for DWI offenses, in which law enforcement agencies and prosecutors can use prior convictions to enhance penalties for subsequent DWI offenses.

In Minnesota, the look-back period is limited to 10 years.

The bottom line is that the best way to avoid DUI& DWI conviction insurance hikes is to fight to get DWI charges reduced, dismissed, or expunged in court.

You will want to have a lawyer on your side who is capable of helping you achieve the most favorable possible outcome for your DWI criminal case.

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