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How a Criminal Conviction Can Impact Your Career Criminal Defense

How a Criminal Conviction Can Impact Your Career

4 years ago by Justin M. Schiks
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Being charged with a crime can have serious implications on numerous important areas of your life. It can impact the relationships you have with those close to you, your ability to parent, your rights as a citizen, and even your educational and career opportunities. If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, now is not the time to procrastinate. To decrease the chances that your charges will have a negative impact on your life, including your career, it is imperative that you get in touch with a seasoned Woodbury criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Will a Past Conviction Reduce Job Opportunities?

For most people, a criminal conviction does make pursuing the career of their dreams difficult. The majority of employers and colleges routinely perform background checks on all potential employees.

It is their right to do so. They will look to see if you have had an arrest in the last seven years or if you have any criminal convictions on your record.  However, some states have passed “ban the box” legislation.

This prohibits employers from considering any old offenses in their hiring process. They are also not allowed to inquire about any records that could have been sealed or expunged.

Minnesota recently passed its own version of a “ban the box” law. Under this law, employers are not legally allowed to ask, consider, or require job applicants to divulge criminal history until they are chosen for an interview or if there will not be an interview until a conditional offer of employment is made.

The law does allow employers to notify applicants that some criminal records will disqualify the applicant from certain employment positions. Depending on the type of career you are pursuing or the specific job you are applying for, a past criminal conviction could have an impact on your career. This is something you can discuss with your Woodbury criminal defense attorney.

Other Possible Job Implications

There are other ways that a conviction can prevent you from getting or keeping a particular job. For example:

  1. You might be denied for a professional license or have a current license revoked
  2. You might lose a job that requires you to have a driver’s license or clean driving record
  3. Certain types of convictions prevent you from working in certain professions. For example, domestic violence or sex crime convictions might disqualify you from caretaking or child-related positions, or fraud convictions can prevent you from working in financial jobs

Have You Been Charged with a Crime? Call an Experienced Woodbury Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

Criminal charges can impact your career goals and your ability to get certain jobs. While you cannot change the past, you can move forward with realistic expectations of the future. It is best to prevent criminal convictions before they happen by securing reliable legal representation. Request your free consultation today with a skilled Woodbury criminal defense attorney at JS Defense, PA, by calling (651) 968-9652 or get in touch online.

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