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5 years ago by Justin M. Schiks
Criminal Defense

Woodbury, MN DWI Lawyer: First DUI/DWI

A drunk driving arrest can happen to anyone. The first time it happens to you, it can be devastating. A DWI can result in serious criminal penalties, driver’s license revocation, and increased insurance rates. It can affect your employment situation and your relationships. In addition, with one DWI on your record, you are at risk of even more serious penalties should you ever be arrested again for drunk driving.

I am DWI Lawyer Justin Schiks. I represent people charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Woodbury, near the St. Paul area, and throughout Minnesota. If you have been arrested for a first DWI offense, please contact me as soon as possible. I have a successful record of helping people from all walks of life achieve positive results after a DWI arrest.

My goal is to minimize the criminal penalties and administrative licensing sanctions associated with your arrest. I also work to minimize the harm a DWI can do to your criminal record.

Fighting the Charge

DUI or DWI charge is not a conviction. There are many ways to challenge the state’s case against you. I will review the facts of your case and determine whether the police followed proper procedures before, during, and after your arrest. If the police did not have probable cause to arrest you, for example, I may be able to get the charges dismissed.

In some cases, I have been able to get a DWI charge reduced to careless driving, misdemeanor speeding, or disorderly conduct. Removing a first-time DWI from your record can be especially helpful to doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, and other professionals whose professional licenses may be suspended or revoked if they are convicted of a DWI.

Minimizing Licensing Sanctions

The state will attempt to revoke your license, after a DWI arrest. You will have an opportunity to challenge the driver’s license revocation, but you only have a limited time to do so. The sooner you contact me, the sooner I can assess your case and put together a plan for addressing the licensing sanctions efficiently and effectively.

Throughout the process, I will treat you the way I would treat a close friend or family member. My clients know I care about them and am working hard on their behalf. To arrange a consultation about your DWI case, please call 651-362-9426 or contact me by email.

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