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DWI Statistics in Minnesota: Glance at the Seriousness of DWI DUI, DWI

DWI Statistics in Minnesota: Glance at the Seriousness of DWI

2 years ago by Brian
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You only have to survey the stats on DWI in Minnesota to consider its seriousness. When comparing the numbers to national data, you can’t help but see how the activity affects the rate of fatalities and death in the United States.


Looking at the Findings

In 2019, the percentage of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in Minnesota was 23.6%. Of those fatalities, 16.2% involved individuals under 21 years of age. 

Moreover, the percentage of DWI cases involving repeat offenders was significant.

Among those whose blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was at or above the illegal limit of .08%, 38.5% of Minnesotans died in crashes with a BAC of .08% to .14%. 

The national average among this group totaled just over 25%. People who died in crashes where the BAC was over .15% numbered 61.5%. This is compared to the national average of 74.7%.

Therefore, when it came to fatal crashes for repeat offenders, Minnesota ranked higher, percentage-wise, than the national average for drivers who had a BAC of .08% to .14%. 

Stats also revealed that the total number of drivers arrested for driving under the influence numbered 19,863 in 2019.

Of that number, 146 were under the age of 18. Minnesota invokes a zero-tolerance law for anyone who drives under the influence and is under 21 years old.


Why You Need to Seek Help from an Attorney If You’re Arrested for DWI

The state takes a firm stance in prosecuting and imposing fines related to DWI. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to seek help from a DWI attorney if you are convicted of this type of crime.

Not only can you get your license revoked for a year (for a first-time offense), but you’re also subject to a fine of up to $1,000 as a first offender.

Should you get charged with a second offense within a 10-year period or become a repeat offender, the penalties get even stiffer.

For example, offenders with a fourth offense on record can get their license suspended for life.

This is because the court considers them as inimical to public safety.

This means that the court believes the person cannot control a vehicle without endangering other people.

This verdict is often rendered after a third DWI (over a ten-year period) or following a fourth DWI through the defendant’s lifetime.

In some cases, the defendant may be able to regain driving privileges with a restricted driver’s license called a B-card.

The card allows repeat DWI offenders the chance to get relicensed after the cancellation of a third or subsequent DWI offense.

To become eligible, the offender must complete a treatment program and refrain from violating the no-alcohol/no-drug restriction placed on the license. 


Drunk Driving and Auto Crashes

The CDC states that one in three auto crash deaths results from drunk driving.

Indeed, this is a concern in Minnesota, where adults report drinking after driving at a rate of 2.4%. This compares to the nationally reported findings of 1.9%.

In addition, the Minnesota Office of Public Safety states that 394 deaths occurred in 2020 on the state’s public roadways and the numbers will be the same or increase in 2023.

That’s 30 more than what occurred in 2019. Of those fatalities, 256 were motorists, 64 were motorcyclists, and 45 were pedestrians.

Of that number, 79 were related to drunk driving while 122 were speed related, and 105 involved unbelted motorists.

If you happen to be arrested for drunk driving or DWI, you need to contact a drunk driving attorney without delay.

Because the statistics indisputably show that DWI is a problem, you need to make sure you comply with the court and make amends ASAP. 


Contact a Woodbury, MN DWI Lawyer If You’re Charged with DWI 

To discuss a DWI offense in Minnesota, contact a DWI lawyer at JS Defense, PA, right away. Call (651) 362-9426 to discuss your case today.


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