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Domestic Violence Cases are Complex Domestic Abuse

Domestic Violence Cases are Complex

3 years ago by Brian
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If you are encountering a situation where you’ve been accused of domestic violence, and charges have been filed, the stress can seem insurmountable. A Woodbury, MN domestic abuse attorney can help you understand what your options are. 

Understanding the legal status of your charges, what step they are at in the procedure, and how they might be mitigated is something that only comes through years of experience. JS Defense, PA, has become one of the most trusted criminal defense firms in Minnesota through years of dedicated service. 

Dropping Domestic Violence Charges is an Ideal Case Outcome 

The dropping of domestic violence charges prior to costly investments of time and money into the trial is often the ideal outcome you might hope for. Through a careful assessment of law, and the application of law and precedent to your unique circumstances, a defense attorney is best situated to help you achieve this goal when possible. 

You might also be able to get your charges reduced. News outlets reported that this outcome was recently experienced by Major League Baseball player Marcell Ozuna. In this case, charges were filed for domestic abuse, specifically aggravated assault and strangulation, which are felony offenses. Ultimately, the charges were not dropped but were decreased to the battery and simple assault, both misdemeanors. Ozuna will still have to go through court to process the misdemeanor charges, but the potential penalties are far less serious.

Domestic violence in Minnestoa is specifically defined as physical or sexual violence, stalking, and psychological aggression by a current or former intimate partner of the victim. Minnesota Statute 609.2242 breaks domestic assault into sections comprised of a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, and felony offenses, with a gross misdemeanor or felony having further implications, such as surrendering one’s Second Amendment rights to gun ownership. 

A domestic abuse lawyer is essential to assist you in navigating the complex legal process surrounding a domestic assault charge, as the various charges issued might range from a misdemeanor with no prison time, or a felony that could result in 10 years of incarceration. Your freedom depends upon successfully navigating this process, and JS Defense is here to help. 

Another complexity of this type of case is the possibility of a protective order case against you. If you are facing a possible protective order, we can help defend against that order, as well. This is critical to protect your freedom, access to your children, and much more. 

Call a Woodbury, MN Domestic Abuse Lawyer for Help Now

Effective defense representation is essential to effectively address any charge, particularly one such as domestic violence, which can be impactful upon others areas of your life, whether in terms of child custody or elsewhere. JS Defense, PA, has the experience you need to face your case head-on and achieve the best possible result through competent, zealous defense advocacy. 
If you’re ready to move forward with your case and start pursuing the best possible resolution, schedule a consultation with our firm by calling 651-968-9652 or requesting a free evaluation through our contact page.

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