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Do You Have an Arrest Warrant? Criminal Defense

Do You Have an Arrest Warrant?

3 years ago by Brian
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If you think you might have an arrest warrant, you should address the matter right away with a Woodbury, MN, criminal defense lawyer. Failing to do so could mean you are arrested in front of your family, friends, coworkers, or others. 

An arrest warrant is an order signed by a judge that authorizes the immediate arrest of a person because the individual is suspected of having committed a crime and/or has failed to follow an order of the court or other violations subjecting him or her to arrest.

People subject to arrest tend to generally fall into two categories: those who know they have an arrest warrant and those who have no idea. In the former case, those who know they have an arrest warrant might think that ignoring the problem or avoiding law enforcement will help them avoid charges, though this is usually not the case. Never ignore an arrest warrant, as an arrest can happen at almost any time. Instead, seek criminal defense help right away. 

The other category of people who have warrants is those who have no idea they have a warrant, which may have been issued by mistake or due to some miscommunication. If you think you might have a warrant, you should seek help from a Woodbury, MN, criminal defense attorney

When Is an Arrest Warrant Issued?

Arrest warrants are typically issued for anyone suspected of having committed crimes, such as murder, serious economic crimes, sexual misconduct, assault, and many others. When investigators have enough evidence to support probable cause that you violated the law, they can seek a warrant from the judge. A judge can also issue a bench warrant if you failed to appear in court as scheduled, pay court-ordered fines, or meet other requirements of your criminal court order. 

What are the Types of Warrants Issued?

  1. Criminal Warrants. These are typically bench warrants that are issued for defendants who have failed to appear in court for a hearing, have violated their pretrial release supervision terms and conditions, or individuals who do not comply with a court order.
  2. Complaint warrants. These are typically warrants obtained by law enforcement to apprehend and arrest the alleged offender. The warrant is entirely based on an indictment or complaint filed with the criminal court. The complaint is usually accompanied by an affidavit signed by a law enforcement officer. The affidavit briefly narrates the crime committed and what the suspect did in that crime.
  3. Probation/Parole violation warrants. Probation/parole violation warrants are those warrants issued for a defendant who is under supervision by a corrections agency but has violated conditions of their supervised release.
  4. Civil Warrants. Civil warrants are those warrants issued for non-criminal reasons, such as contempt of court, or violation of local and city ordinances.

 How Do I Deal with an Arrest Warrant?

The most important thing to do is to never ignore an arrest warrant if you know you have one. Ignoring an arrest warrant only makes things worse, especially where your circumstances may be given favorable consideration if you take immediate steps to address your situation.

Speak with a Woodbury, MN Criminal Defense Attorney

In the event, you have an arrest warrant you don’t know about, and you have now found out about it, you should immediately contact a Woodbury, MN Criminal Defense Attorney who will discuss with you what options you have. Contact our office and request a free consultation today.

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