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Criminal Penalties for Domestic Assault  Assault, Criminal Defense, Domestic Abuse

Criminal Penalties for Domestic Assault 

3 years ago by Brian
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Being charged with domestic assault is a significant event that must be taken seriously, as the consequences of a domestic assault charge can have far-reaching implications for your life. A conviction on your record can affect your personal relationships, your employment prospects, and more. Contacting a Woodbury, MN domestic abuse attorney from JS Defense, P.A. can help you to determine what your best options are, and how to present the best defense in your case. 

Challenging a Domestic Abuse Allegation

Domestic violence allegations can be sensitive and highly personal matters. When someone accuses you of domestic assault, it might be your word against theirs. Police often arrest someone based solely on allegations from the alleged victim, which might be false or exaggerated. 


Knowing the law and how it is applied to the unique circumstances of your situation will determine whether your case ends in a conviction that changes your life, a dismissal, or somewhere in between. You want a lawyer who knows how to challenge the evidence the prosecution presents against you. 

A Domestic Assault Charge Can Take Away Your Freedom 

A charge of domestic assault can be either a misdemeanor, a gross misdemeanor, or a felony, depending on the circumstances. Charges can become more serious if you have previous convictions or if you are accused of strangulation or causing serious bodily harm. Even a misdemeanor charge can result in up to 90 days in jail, and as the charges escalate, so do the penalties. Some felony convictions can result in years of imprisonment. 


In addition to potential time behind bars, a domestic abuse allegation can also come with a request for a restraining order. This is a separate matter, and you do not have to be convicted of a criminal charge to have a restraining order granted. A restraining order can:


  1. Force you to move out of your home
  2. Limit where you can go and who you can see or contact
  3. Restrict your ability to see your children
  4. Force you to turn over any firearms that you own


Because this court order can impact your life in so many drastic ways, you always want to mount a defense against this case. You have the right to challenge the order in court once an emergency order expires. A domestic abuse defense lawyer can defend against a restraining order while handling your criminal charges, as well. 


A domestic abuse conviction can lead to the loss of your freedom and other consequences, and even a first conviction can result in jail time. Future charges can lead to more severe penalties if you already have a record, so you want to avoid even one conviction whenever possible. Always have the best possible defense assistance. 

Connect with a Woodbury, MN Domestic Abuse Attorney Now

You should take domestic abuse accusations seriously, as a conviction or restraining order can completely change your life. To discuss your case, connect with JS Defense, P.A. to schedule a consultation or call 651-968-9652 and explore what options are available to you. Your valuable comments are always welcomed.

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