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What can I do if I crashed while Drunk Driving? DWI

What can I do if I crashed while Drunk Driving?

6 years ago by Brian
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Being involved in a car accident comes with its share of psychological trauma. Simultaneously having committed a crime like drunk driving can intensify that trauma by adding fear of serious prosecution to the mix.

Despite the challenges one can face when dealing with the combination of shock and consequence an incident like a drunk driving accident in Minnesota can cause, it is vital that certain things be done in order to preserve your rights and to minimize the consequences of the accident on your life.

Like all vehicle accidents, there is an optimal way to approach the aftermath. In a case where drunk driving is involved, some of your priorities become more important. First among them should be retaining experienced counsel from a Woodbury, MN DWI Lawyer like JS Defense.

Seek Medical Attention

Your personal safety is naturally the top priority. Even if you don’t feel like you need to visit a doctor, take the necessary precautions and let emergency medical personnel examine you at the scene and transport you to the emergency room anyway.

If you are prosecuted or not, letting an injury compound on itself will only make things worse.


Even if you were drunk driving, that doesn’t necessarily mean the other driver wasn’t partly at fault. JS Defense attorneys will tell you to rely on the police report to obtain crucial information.

You should also visit the scene after the fact to obtain evidence in your favor. Take special care to canvas the area for any surveillance cameras, ATMs, bus stops or convenience stores.

Video evidence is king in a personal injury trial, even if it doesn’t give you a perfect view of the incident.

Collect names and addresses of potential witnesses and take your own pictures of any nearby road signs, street conditions, visible hazards, and traffic patterns.

Insurance Company

It is highly advisable you retain the services of an experienced and qualified attorney as quickly as possible after your accident.

Defer making any statements to your insurance company until you do.

When the time does come to report the accident in detail, have your lawyer do the talking.

Your insurer will be looking for any opportunity to excuse itself from liability, and you don’t want to inadvertently make a statement that will give them an excuse to do just that.


If you were drunk when your accident occurred, it’s definite that a police report will be issued.

There may be additional information included in that report regarding the disposition of the criminal case. I

t is advisable to have your attorney pull all the relevant reports at the earliest opportunity so they can be used to help prepare your case.

Having an experienced counsel on your side during a stressful time can be quite reassuring.

Let your Woodbury MN DWI Lawyer handle the legal issues entailed in your accident. Following these basic steps will give you the best chance of an outcome in your favor.

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