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Criminal Charges for Threatening High Schools Criminal Defense, Juvenile Delinquency

Criminal Charges for Threatening High Schools

2 years ago by Brian
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The safety of our children in schools is a priority for everyone, including parents, school teachers, administrators, and the government. Given the proliferation of school shootings in recent years, many schools have stepped up their safety precautions, but even then, we continue to witness school shootings when even one is one too many.

If your child faces accusations of threatening a school, it is a very serious matter, and you should seek help from a criminal defense lawyer who handles juvenile delinquency cases

Charges Against Teen Students

Violence in schools does not happen in a vacuum but is often preceded by behavior and other warnings, which, if detected and acted on quickly enough, some of these shootings or attempted shootings at schools could be avoided.

For example, a Minnesota student is facing both legal and academic consequences for threatening violence against a campus where a fatal school shooting happened in 2003. The Cold Spring/Richmond Police Department announced on their Twitter handle that a juvenile was arrested over “possible threats that were made on a social media platform” against the ROCORI School, a K-12 campus in Stearns County. 

According to St. Cloud Times, ROCORI Schools Superintendent Brad Kelvington sent an email to parents letting them know that a suspect, a middle school student at ROCORI, posted on Snapchat a message warning that no one should come to the school because there could be a shooting there on that Friday.

The RICORI campus was the scene of a deadly shooting on September 24, 2003, when a student, John Jason McLaughlin, shot and killed two schoolmates. McLaughlin, a freshman who claimed to have been bullied, was arrested, tried, and found guilty after a trial for first and second-degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Representation for Delinquency Cases

Many parents are incapable or struggle to deal with their child who displays threatening or dangerous behavior, including being involved in fights or threatening others. If you are one of those parents, the following are some helpful tips that could help you better deal with your child’s juvenile delinquency case:

  1. Understand the Problem. Try and understand what is causing your child to manifest dangerous behavior. Ask them non-combative or non-accusatory questions to elicit positive responses that can help you understand what is going on with the child, which in turn, will help you in crafting or suggesting a workable solution to address the underlying issue or problem.
  2. 2. By the time your child displays dangerous behavior, it should have been the case that you already taught them what behavior is acceptable and which one is not. If you have and the child is still engaged in this dangerous behavior, then as part of your understanding the underlying issue or problem, you should also firmly reinforce what is acceptable behavior and why the dangerous behavior is unacceptable. 
  3. Activities. As much as it is possible, try to have your child involved in positive and healthy social activities with his or her friends and classmates. It is proven that juveniles often get in trouble, including breaking laws, as a direct result of being bored. 

Contact a Woodbury, MN Juvenile Delinquency Lawyer

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