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How to Beat a School Bus Stop Arm Violation DUI, DWI, Traffic Violations

How to Beat a School Bus Stop Arm Violation

1 year ago by Brian
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The largest public transportation system throughout the United States is the school bus system. Just like in other states, Minnesota has numerous traffic laws that apply just to school buses and their stop arms. When drivers commit stop-arm violations, they could receive a citation. Moreover, if they were operating their vehicle under the influence or intoxicated (DUI) (DWI), they could face a whole new set of criminal charges.


If you are currently facing a school bus stop arm or DUI charge, it is important that you have skilled legal counsel representing you from the onset of your case. Woodbury-St.Paul, MN criminal defense Lawyer at JS Defense, PA. can represent you throughout your case, including at a jury trial or sentencing hearing. Our team will do everything possible to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.


How does School Bus Stop Arms Work?

The primary purpose of a school bus stop arm is to allow children to embark and disembark from school buses safely. These arms extend out from the bus whenever the school bus stops and act as a barrier between the children and oncoming traffic. 


Moreover, in recent years, school bus stop arms have cameras. These cameras allow for the arms to operate automatically. They also detect drivers who violate the rules. 


Cameras become active as soon as the bus stop arm is extended. After this time, if a vehicle operates in the vicinity, it will record the license plate number and video footage. The police can then review this footage and decide whether or not the driver deserves a traffic citation.


When drivers violate school bus stop arm laws, they could face criminal misdemeanor charges, punishable by a maximum fine of $1,000. Moreover, if a driver attempts to pass a school bus on the right side, or drives past the bus while the stop arm is extended, they could face gross misdemeanor charges. A conviction for a gross misdemeanor may result in one year of incarceration, along with a maximum monetary fine of $3,000.


Why do Drivers Commit School Bus Stop Arm Violations?


One reason why drivers commit school bus stop arm violations is that they operate their vehicles while intoxicated. Alcohol and other drugs can impair a driver’s concentration, mental awareness, and reaction time. Consequently, they might disregard a school bus stop arm, driving around it and potentially causing one or more children to suffer serious injuries.


When a driver commits a school bus stop arm violation due to alcohol impairment or intoxication, they may also face criminal DUI charges in Minnesota. An experienced DUI defense Lawyer can determine if you’re eligible to raise one or more legal defenses to your criminal charge and if so, could advocate those defenses on your behalf in court. 


An Experienced Woodbury, MN DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer can Help you 

Criminal school bus stop arm and DWI convictions can have serious legal consequences. If a prosecutor satisfies their legal burden, potential penalties may include high monetary fines, jail time, court-imposed community service, and probation. You may also experience numerous collateral consequences which affect the rest of your life.


If you currently have pending bus stop traffic violations, it is vital that you retain experienced legal counsel to represent you during every stage of your case. At JS Defense, PA., our legal team can advocate for you at every stage of the proceedings and zealously represent you to help you beat your charges. We could also help you negotiate a favorable plea deal with the state prosecutor handling your case.

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