Lawyer Defending Clients Charged With Theft Crimes in St. Paul, MN

Theft occurs when a person knowingly takes the property of another for his or her own benefit. A type of property crime, theft ranges from shoplifting to bank robbery to sophisticated online identity theft schemes.

If you are facing any type of theft charge it is important that you speak to a criminal defense lawyer who can protect your rights and your interests. I am attorney Justin Schiks. I defend people charged with theft in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and throughout Minnesota.

Penalties for theft crimes can include stiff fines, long prison sentences and probation. Sentences are based on the value of the property involved. Many other factors are also considered, including:

  • Was anyone harmed in during the theft?
  • Did the accused person carry a weapon?
  • Does the accused person have past convictions for theft on his or her record?
  • Was property taken from a vulnerable person?

Developing a Strategy to Meet Your Goals

I will analyze the facts of the case, listen to you describe the circumstances, and ask you about your priorities. For some people what matters most is staying out of jail. For others, keeping a clean criminal record is paramount. I will explain the potential penalties you face and outline your options. In all theft cases, I will develop a defense strategy designed to meet your specific goals. However, I do not make unrealistic promises. My clients appreciate knowing exactly where they stand and how I can help

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