Defending Minnesotans Accused of Sex Crimes

Being accused of a sex crime can be devastating. Even if you are never convicted, you can lose your job, your friends and your family. It can ruin your relationships. Being convicted of a sex crime is even worse. After you complete your sentence, you may be required to register as a sex offender, which can make it difficult to find a job or a place to live.

If you have been accused of any sex-related crime in the Minneapolis- St. Paul area or elsewhere in Minnesota, it is important to speak to a skilled criminal defense attorney who understands how to fight these charges effectively. I am crime defense lawyer Justin Schiks. I have defended countless clients charged with all types of sex crimes, including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual battery
  • Criminal sexual conduct
  • Statutory rape
  • Prostitution or solicitation
  • Juvenile sex crimes
  • Indecent exposure and lewd conduct
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Possession of child pornography
  • Molestation

Anyone can be falsely accused of a sex crime, including teachers, coaches, youth workers, ministers, and juveniles. Sadly, many alleged sex crimes are fabrications presented as truth by individuals in an attempt to manipulate or victimize another. Some circumstances may be a case of “he said, she said,” others may involve an accuser whose memory of events cannot be accepted as fact.

Finding the Weaknesses in the Case Against You

Sex crimes often come down to the quality of the police work and the strength of the evidence against you. As an experienced trial lawyer, I am skilled in finding weaknesses in both parts of the prosecution’s case.

I will work to achieve a positive outcome. In some instances, this may mean negotiating to get the charges against you reduced or the case dismissed. In other cases, I may recommend that we take your case before a jury. In all instances, I will consult with you about strategy and keep you informed of developments in your case.

Clients accused of sexual offenses have told me they appreciated that I treated them with respect. I don’t judge my clients. I treat them with courtesy and dignity, no matter what allegations have been made against them.— Attorney Justin Schiks

If you have been charged with any type of sex crime, please contact me by email or call 651-504-2564. I understand what you are going through, and I know how to help.

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“I found myself in need of a criminal attorney as I was talking to Justin I was immediately put at ease and I knew I was in great hands. He is by far the most professional and personable lawyer I have ever worked with. He kept me up to date on everything that was happening in my case and helped keep my mind at ease and kept me relaxed and not stressed. If I ever find myself in need of a lawyer again. He will be my FIRST call. I highly recommend him to everyone.”- Dean