Why Hire a Criminal Attorney?

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Why should you hire a criminal attorney? Even if you believe you should just plead guilty, don't you think you should take action to try to get the lowest possible penalty? With a complete review of your situation, the criminal charges against you, as well as every piece of evidence that supports the prosecution's case, it is often possible to find extremely viable options to defend the case in court.

It is strongly advised that you contact a criminal defense attorney from Mohammad, Schiks and Jafaar, PA to review your case. What if the evidence was obtained illegally? What if your rights were violated and the evidence could be thrown out of court? Is it possible that there were serious errors in police procedure, lab errors, errors in the chain of custody of evidence , or other factor that could lead to a case dismissal or a reduced charge?

Criminal charges in Minnesota? Get an attorney on your side now!

If you value your freedom and want to avoid the repercussions of a conviction, you need a criminal attorney that will take the time and effort to analyze your case to discover what options are possible with regard to defending against the charges. Every case has flaws; a painstaking review of the evidence that has led to your arrest must be undertaken immediately.

If your rights were violated by law enforcement, either in probable cause, search and seizure, or in questioning, we could file a court challenge to have evidence gathered illegally suppressed. Most cases have opportunities that could be exploited for the defense, but you need a professional criminal defense lawyer who is willing to go the distance for you and fight on every front.

Our firm is committed to every defense case, and we like to win for our clients. Contact Mohammad, Schiks and Jaafar, P.A. from our firm for immediate assistance regarding your criminal charges.