St. Paul Assault Defense Lawyer

Arrested for assault in Minnesota?

An individual commits the violent crime of assault when making threats of physical violence against another person in order to acquire items of value or commit other illegal acts related to sex crimes, domestic violence and more. Assault is often charged in association with the crime of battery, but both are very different.

Assault charges focus on the act of threatening to impose harm onto a victim, whereas battery refers to the act of actually causing harm. For example, a criminal who threatens a person into giving them their wallet is guilty of assault. If the criminal engages in physical violence in order to acquire the wallet, then they are guilty of battery and thus both charges may be assessed to the crime.

Understanding the Charges and Penalties

Proving assault in a court of law can be a challenging proposition, because it can often be difficult to effectively prove that an individual made threats of violence if no violence occurred. In situations where an offender is found guilty and convicted, however, the penalties for varying degrees of assault can be devastating in terms of lengthy prison terms and costly fines.

An experienced St. Paul criminal defense lawyer who understands the intricacies of assault laws in Minnesota can likely provide valuable insight into the charge, an organized approach to defense of such charges, and confident representation before a jury when the case makes it into court.

Winning Assault Defense Strategies and Support

Assault charges can have negative consequences that extend beyond a person's criminal record and into other facets of life. Mohammad, Schiks and Jaafar, P.A. understands all that is at stake for the accused in assault cases, and has consistently provided exemplary legal support to all clients who seek effective defense strategies against their charges.

Our firm whole heartedly believes in your right to a fair trial, and we will fight for your cause and your freedom from the moment you retain our services. We protect your rights and pursue every advantage possible throughout the legal process. Contact a St. Paul & Minneapolis assault defense lawyer if you have been accused of assaulting another individual and want to discuss your legal options for defense.