St. Paul Speeding Ticket Lawyers

Need to fight a speeding ticket in St. Paul or Minneapolis?

Getting a speeding ticket is often considered a costly inconvenience, but most people freely admit that they did commit the traffic offense. The penalties associated with a speeding ticket will rely heavily on the speed the driver was traveling at the time of the infraction, and this evidence is usually presented in the reading of a police officer's radar gun.

Minor speeding tickets are issued for speeds under 10 miles per hour, although the penalties can increase dramatically in terms of cost and lost points on license for high-speed violations.

How can an attorney help?

Though legal assistance may not always be the first thought on the mind of a driver who has recently been issued a speeding ticket, it is always advised. In fact, enlisting the services of a high quality traffic ticket attorney to fight your speeding ticket can often result in minimized penalties, downgraded citations and even dismissed charges.

In many cases, police officers who are conducting a routine stop triggered by a speeding violation may make crucial procedural mistakes, or do not take the proper steps to secure evidence that can prove the infraction in court, if necessary. In some cases, they don't show up in court, allowing the charges to be dismissed. It is advised that you discuss your legal options with an attorney from our firm.

Protecting your Record from Speeding Ticket Violations

Mohammad, Schiks and Jaafar, P.A. has a full understanding of the many issues surrounding speeding tickets and other moving violations, and knows how to initiate a successful defense against this type of traffic offense that can minimize or eliminate penalties. Our firm has worked with many clients who have received speeding tickets, whether rightfully or not, and can almost always offer a strategy that can minimize the consequences of such a violation.

We are detail-oriented when it comes to making sure law enforcement follows proper procedures and has legitimate evidence, and we will aggressively pursue the best possible outcome for all of our clients. Contact a St. Paul speeding ticket lawyer if you need professional guidance in your quest to resolve speeding ticket conflicts.