St. Paul Traffic Ticket Attorney

Defense for Traffic Violations in Minnesota

Traffic offenses are commonplace among drivers throughout the state of Minnesota, and most often occur as a result of illegal driving such as speeding tickets, running traffic lights, driving recklessly or carelessly and others. While most traffic violations occur without injury to others, all are considered to be illegal and can be met with a wide range of penalties including points lost on license, fines, license suspension or revocation and even jail time in the most serious of violations.

Most traffic offense penalties are not contested and thus are paid up with appropriate consequences. For those offenses that do require a challenge, a knowledgeable traffic ticket lawyer may be able to help avoid penalties or consequences entirely.

We put a lot of faith in trust in the law enforcement entities who have sworn to protect us, but this does not mean that a police officer's issuance of a citation for a traffic offense is infallible. Officers may routinely make mistakes in the process or leave out information that could completely negate the offense, leaving the individual free to move on and suffer no consequences. In other cases, the reason for a particular traffic violation may not be entirely accurate and can be successfully fought in court for a favorable resolution.

How to Fight a Traffic Offense in St. Paul or Minneapolis

Mohammad, Schiks and Jaafar, P.A. is a reputable criminal defense law firm with offices in St. Paul and Minneapolis that has provided consistent and successful support for clients who have been charged with a serious traffic offense. Our firm understands the many different factors that can play a role in the legitimacy of an official traffic offense, and is experienced in supplying the court with ample and compelling evidence to minimize penalties, or eliminate them entirely.

It is to your benefit to contact our firm to discuss your traffic offense and what can be done to defend it in court. Contact a Minnesota traffic offense attorney if you have been charged with a traffic offense and want to discuss your options with a legal professional who can help.