Attorney for Probation Violations

Accused of violating probation in St. Paul or Minneapolis?

If you have been convicted of a crime and you do not obey the conditions of your probation, then you could be arrested and forced to serve the sentence you avoided by being put on probation, often with added time for the violation. Probation violated is a criminal offense that could result in even more severe punishment.

In some instances, violating your probation will land your right back in prison; in other instances, you may be facing larger fines. Whatever the case, if you have been arrested for probation violation, you are going to need legal representation from a St. Paul criminal lawyer from our firm to help you out of this mess.

Unfortunately, once you have been convicted of a crime and served your punishment, you may not still be out of the clear. There are many instances where you will be monitored during a period of time. You may be issued a parole officer or a counselor who will keep in contact with you. If you happen to step out of line and do not follow the conditions granted by the courts, then you could find yourself right back where you started - in trouble.

Conditions of Probation

Every case is different and thus the conditions of the probation will also be different. However, some of the common probation conditions granted in the Minnesota courts include the following:

  • That the defendant remains law abiding and have no similar offenses
  • That the defendant complete a number of community service hours on time and without argument
  • That the defendant completes certain programs or courses including counseling, rehabilitation, anger management or driver's education
  • That the defendant pays a fine or restitution to the victim
  • That the defendant is put in prison for a certain amount of time
  • That the defendant remains drug and alcohol free

There are a number of reasons that you may find yourself arrested once again for violating your probation. Your car may have broken down, making it impossible to attend your required treatment course; you may have been arrested under false pretences for something that you did not do; you may have simply been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Some cases involve an administrative error, or the failure to pay a fine in a timely manner. Whatever the circumstances surrounding your probation violation, it is important you contact a criminal defense attorney from our firm right away.

Probation Guidelines

If you have been accused of violating your probation, then there are essentially two different strategies you can take. First, you can admit you violated your probation and accept the punishment that the court gives you. In most instances, you will be hit with a longer jail time or harsher fines on top of the punishments already given, even for misdemeanor offenses.

Your second option is to deny that you have violated your probation or explain that there was a problem in miscommunication that has caused this situation. If this is the option found most appropriate for your situation, then you will need to take part in an evidentiary hearing.

Evidentiary Hearing

If you choose to deny that you have violated your probation, then the courts will need to come up with evidence that proves your terms have been violated. In many instances, this can prove impossible and thus you will be in the clear. If you are found innocent of violating your probation, then the probation conditions will continue on as before with no additional consequences, added jail time or hefty fines. However, if you are found guilty of violating your probation, then you will most likely face heftier fines and extended jail time.

Talk to our experienced Minnesota probation violation attorneys!

It can be hard to determine which option is right for you - accept or deny your probation violation conviction. This is where a probation violation criminal defense attorney comes in. Mohammad, Schiks and Jaafar, P.A. can help assess your case and determine what action should be taken to protect your rights and fight for your freedom in any probation violation charge. Contact a St. Paul probation violation attorney from our firm at once if you are in trouble with regard to your probation.