Orders for Protection: An Overview

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An order for protection is a court-ordered judgment that is intended to protect victims of domestic assault as well as other types of physical or emotional abuse, including harassment. Although both orders may aim to protect the petitioner from an individual, orders of protection are similar to restr aining orders by requiring the alleged perpetrator to immediately cease all abuse of the victim.

Filing a petition for an order of protection against an abuser can be complicated for those who are unfamiliar with the process, and whether you need to get such an order, or are facing the issue of being named in the order, a St. Paul criminal defense attorney can assist you . If you are named on such an order, you can face serious consequences, and in some cases, allegations of abuse are overblown or false. How to manage this situation is a real concern, and our firm can help.

The Impact of Protective Orders

Orders for protection can provide many different protections to a victim from their abuser to fit any number of circumstances. Certain orders of protection may require the accused to leave shared premises or to avoid the victim's place of employment, and may even authorize temporary increased rights for the victim in terms of child custody.

There is little option to avoid such an order, as law enforcement and judges have concern for the safety of victims; this also allows for a misuse of the system, as the order can be filed based only on the statements of the alleged victim.

Help for Orders of Protection in Minnesota

Mohammad, Schiks and Jaafar, P.A. has deep experience in orders of protection and has helped many clients in St. Paul and Minneapolis successfully resolve their Orders of Protection. Our firm believes in working closely with clients to learn as much as possible about their scenario so that we can advise and support to the best of our ability through all stages of the process.

Contact a criminal defense attorney at our firm if you are interested in seeking an order for protection from another individual and need legal guidance throughout the process.