St. Paul Drug Defense Lawyers

Possession, Sales, Prescription Fraud and Other Drug Crimes

Different charges fall into the category of a drug crime, and all convictions include very harsh penalties in terms of prison sentences and fines. America's long-fought "War on Drugs" has given law enforcement great authority to investigate and pursue drug crimes, and once the suspect is formally charged with an offense, prosecutors work vigorously to achieve guilty verdicts.

Ambitious prosecutors carefully track their "conviction percentage", and without immediate defense action, you are at high risk for terrible penalties. For these reasons and more, facing charges for various drug crimes can be a frightening and dangerous situation. It is crucial that you seek help from a St. Paul criminal defense attorney who can provide guidance and quality legal representation throughout the process.

Types of Drug Crimes in Minnesota

The charges that make up the drug crimes family are expansive in Minnesota. Charges of manufacturing, possession, distribution and sales are common. Law enforcement can be overzealous in their pursuit of those they believe are engaged in the illegal drug trade, and this aggressive approach can lead to serious errors.

A prosecutor's case can become impossible to execute effectively if there are procedural errors, or if critical information or evidence was attained improperly. This type of mistake is far more common than expected, and an expert advocate like Attorney Justin M. Schiks may be able to use these errors along with other supporting evidence to lead a jury to a more favorable conclusion.

Choose an experienced criminal defense team for your case!

Mohammad, Schiks and Jaafar, P.A. is very familiar with Minnesota law for drug related offenses on the law books, and has successfully brought many clients throughout St. Paul to successful outcomes in court. Our can provide a legal advantage against disastrous drug crime charges by working closely with clients to learn as much as possible about the circumstances of the arrest, the alleged crime, the defendant and others.

We can combine the information we gather along with any errors we identify through diligent research of the case to build a solid defense that may sway a jury into a more positive solution that includes minimal sentences, alternatives to jail or prison, or an acquittal at trial. Contact Mohammad, Schiks and Jaafar, P.A. if you have been charged with a drug related crime in Minneapolis or St. Paul.