St. Paul Multiple DWI Attorney

Defense for 2nd, 3rd or 4th DWI Charges in Minnesota

Individuals can receive harsh penalties if they are caught driving over the BAC limit, or blood alcohol concentration, on multiple occasions. People who are charged and arrested with a DWI for a second, third or fourth time may receive penalties as severe as:

  • Extended jail or prison sentences
  • Mandatory counseling and rehabilitation
  • Extended driver's license suspension
  • Thousands of dollars in fines
  • Forfeiture of automobile

These are all very serious penalties. You need to act quickly to retain a qualified St. Paul criminal defense attorney from Mohammad, Schiks and Jaafar, P.A. The state of Minnesota will aggressively pursue any individual who has received multiple DWI's and it is important that you contact the firm to help you manage the situation and fight for any possible advantage.

Have you been charged with DWI and have a prior DWI conviction?

One of the most severe consequences of multiple DWI charges is the possibility of a felony charge. In Minnesota, individuals who have been convicted of multiple DWI's may be charged with a felony DWI. Felony charges can have a negative lifelong effect as it can hinder one's ability to receive adequate employment, obtain future driving privileges and make it difficult to get loans, hold certain professional licenses and other serious repercussions. The firm can help you through this difficult time. They have successfully aided clients in avoiding conviction, getting a reduced charge or getting an acquittal at trial.

The fight is not over. The law firm will work tirelessly to pursue any possible advantage for you in your case. The in depth examination of your case will allow the law firm to determine the best course of action for you. The legal team is committed to seeking out the best options for you from the moment we take on your case.

Negotiations can be pursued with prosecuting attorney, out of court, to determine if some agreement can be made. They can even review law enforcement's actions during the arrest to determine if proper protocol was followed. Any failure to protect your rights, either in the original police stop, the arrest or during any part of the process could lead to a reduced or dropped charge. They will stand by your side throughout the legal process and fight zealously for your rights, freedom and future.

Contact a St. Paul DWI defense attorney if you have been charged with DWI and have a prior DWI conviction.