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Understanding Minnesota DUI Laws

Driving under the intoxication of drugs or alcohol is one of the most serious offenses that an individual can be charged with in terms of a traffic offense, and carries with it some very strict penalties that are designed to discourage offenders from committing the illegal act more than once. Defending against DWI charges can be very challenging for those who are unfamiliar with the process, or do not know their rights.

Anyone who has been arrested for a drunk-driving offense in Minnesota should speak with a St. Paul criminal defense attorney at Mohammad, Schiks and Jaafar, P.A. as soon as possible in order to take action geared toward the most favorable outcome in court.

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Understanding the DUI Process

Law enforcement officers most often identify possible DUI situations by observing illegal driving behavior such as speeding, swerving, running traffic lights and others. If after a traffic stop the officer has probable cause to suspect that the driver is intoxicated, then Minnesota implied consent laws dictate that the officer may require a blood alcohol test from the suspect via chemical test, blood test or breathalyzer.

If the suspect returns a blood alcohol content level of .08 or higher, then the officer may make an arrest and the driver can be formally charged with DUI. There are a variety of penalties associated with DUI convictions, and the severity of such penalties increase substantially with every charge that follows.

Getting the Best DWI Defense in the Twin Cities

The firm is very familiar with Minnesota law as it pertains to drunk-driving and has helped many clients throughout the St. Paul area to effectively combat DUI charges in court. Our firm focuses on getting to know our clients so that we can better serve their interests, and can also look for inaccuracies in arrest and investigation procedures that may make it impossible for the prosecution to effectively seek conviction.

We are dedicated to your success in court, and our expert legal services may play an integral role in the minimization or elimination of any penalties. Contact Mohammad, Schiks and Jaafar, P.A. if you have been charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Minneapolis or St. Paul and want the best possible chance to avoid penalty.

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